How Many Grams?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by BobMarley91, May 11, 2007.

  1. BobMarley91

    BobMarley91 Registered+

    In a

    Dub Sack?
  2. EternalOverdose

    EternalOverdose Registered+

    try searching this thread next time
  3. surreys princess

    surreys princess Registered+

    wow...long time since i have seen this question.....

    one ounce...28 grams......

    you should know
  4. timothylearyisdead

    timothylearyisdead Registered+

    1/8th =3.5
    1/4 =7
    1/2 =14
    1 oz =28
    1 lb =8 ounces
    Dub is 20 bucks worth, and depends on the weed for the weight you get.
    In the US, middies would be about 2.5 grams, but I wouldn't accept less than 4 grams of middies for 20 bucks, not that I would buy it in the first place
    Dank would be anywhere from 1 gram to 1.7 for 20 dollas if you dont know the dealer very well.
    just so you must know.
  5. yoda

    yoda Registered+

    pound = 16 ounces
  6. Maggz

    Maggz Banned

    you should cop.. cuz my nicks is straight dimes.
  7. timothylearyisdead

    timothylearyisdead Registered+

    ha i was thinkin half pound cuz thats what i usually buy. my mistake.
  8. bluntblaze

    bluntblaze Registered+

    show off :D lol
  9. timothylearyisdead

    timothylearyisdead Registered+

    Hey that was the first time I ever mentioned anything about the weed I buy lol
  10. bluntblaze

    bluntblaze Registered+

  11. O' Cannabis

    O' Cannabis Registered+

    Dub Sack=2g?
  12. O' Cannabis

    O' Cannabis Registered+

    timothylearyisdead...isn't a pound 16 Oz?
  13. cannabis campbell

    cannabis campbell Registered+

    ounce = 28g

    you can figure the rest out for yourself. lol
  14. Cannaman1ac

    Cannaman1ac Registered+

    isnt an ounce 28.5? cuz ive seen people bug out when they didnt get the .5
  15. afghooey

    afghooey Registered+

    isn't a dub the same as 1/8th?
  16. timothylearyisdead

    timothylearyisdead Registered+

    an oz is straight 28 grams. usually you'll get more than that, but that's the exact weight of an ounce,
  17. NextLineIsMine

    NextLineIsMine Registered+

    no im pretty sure its 28.5g in an oz
  18. LIP

    LIP Banned

    An ounce is 28.3g. {avadoupois}

    Not 28 grams, not 28.5.

    Does no one know this anymore.

    A kilo is 36 oz or 2.2 lbs.
  19. BobMarley91

    BobMarley91 Registered+

    I actually thought that but a 1/8th is suppose to be 3.5grams
  20. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    a QP is always 4 Oz so i remember what a pound is by that. 28.3 though, i dunno why but that's the correct weight, but 28 grams is straight with me.

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