how many grams?

Discussion in 'Australia - New Zealand' started by downundadude, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. downundadude

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    hey just curious, what things weigh, like how much does $20 - rigger weigh and how much is in a quater, im grams would be nice just a rough idear, im sure some of you have weighed your buys, please help
  2. RhinoGrowUK

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    Obviously not sure in USA but in ; North East England they are as follows -

    0.75g = £5
    1.5g = £10
    3.0g = £20
    1/4oz = £35
    1/2oz = £65
    1 oz = £125

    We have some idiots over here who try and charge you £150 for an OZ , but only £65 for a half OZ , yes i think they are retarded !!
  3. nolanfortwenty

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    quarter-7 grams
  4. tristan1986

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    A $20 or in some places $25 can vary so it really depends on the quality of the weed and the dealer that you have.

    A $50 is 3.5 grams
    A Quarter is 7grams (1/4 of an ounce)
    A Half Ounce is 14grams (1/2 of an ounce)
    An Ounce is 28grams.

    Hope this clears everything up mate.
  5. bigtopsfinn

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    Weed in Australia seems expensive... can any Aussie's out there confirm this?

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  6. eshlad

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    yes, very overpriced, if your a regular smoker your better off growing ya own or smoking ya mates chop hahaha:Rasta:

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