How many orgasms?

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by Coelho, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Coelho

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    well... a question for you women, which are blessed with the ability of have lots of orgasms in a row...
    how much orgasms do you achieve in "average" sex? and what was the greater number of orgasms you had in one night?
  2. birdgirl73

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    Average for routine sex? 1

    Average for good sex? 2 But it sorta depends. There are plenty of encounters I'd still characterize as good sex where orgasms don't happen, so don't fall into the mindset of thinking women only deem it good when we do have one or more orgasms. Many of us realists don't necessarily believe that.

    Record for most orgasms in one night? 6. That happened around the time of my 32nd birthday and happened two more times during that same year. Confirming for me what I'd always read, that 32 was when we reach our sexual peak. That was certainly my peak year.
  3. BabyFacedAbortion

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    On average I'd say probably 2-3 during sex.
    on a good night, too many to count :p
    He likes to make me shake, 'cause I shake after good sex, dunno why.
    he's a very determined mother
  4. gabee42ee

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    one ... most .... and only a few times ... how beat :wtf:
  5. rebgirl420

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    By myself I can get off like 14 times in under 70 minutes...yeah i got bored but during sex if I help myself out along with just having sex i'm good for about 4-10...but sometimes i just like random sex. Like sex where you dont get off you just do it so you and your guy can get your rocks off quickley.
  6. BabyFacedAbortion

    BabyFacedAbortion Registered+

    random sex, in random places = perfection :p
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  7. rebgirl420

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    omg i know, I think some of the best sex I ever had was on an air conditioner. I had Maytag on my ass for a week.
  8. JeenYuss

    JeenYuss Registered+

    LMAO... im short so there wasnt a lot of random places in my house i could do besides tha bed, couch... sink if i stand on my tippy toes... only did that once

    oh an to answer the question... mostly 3, 4 once in a while, but shes never had less then 2

    except this one time

    we were listening to the song Inside Peanut Butter, Outside Jelly by Cadillac Don and it threw off my game or something

    i was ashamed:(
  9. Grava Flave

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  10. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    wooooooooow... thats why i envy the women... i would need 70 hours...
  11. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    anyway... i know there were few posts, but it seems for me younger women can have, in general, more orgasms. Ive read not all women can have orgasms, but i start to think if it is more a social/educational than a biological barrier... like... some time ago we have not the same access of information of today... nowadays 12yrs old girls can know much more about sex (in theory, hopefully) than many married women... so i think some women dont have orgasms just because dont know what is or how achieve one.
    of course, i may be talking nonsense, so what do you women think about it?
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  12. Polymirize

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    Man, something about that sentence, perhaps its just the expression of hope, strikes me as remarkably sleazy.

    It might not have been what you meant but... shudder. I also like how you essentially blame women for their failure to orgasm.

    You ladies just don't know what you're doing, that's the problem.

    Sounds like misdirected frustration. But you must seriously have a pair to make a post like that. IMO.
  13. birdgirl73

    birdgirl73 Registered+

    Good points, Polymirize. I suspect some of the problems you saw with the thread account for why he's had very little response.

    Coelho, ladies do know what they're doing--in all cases far better than men do, at least when it comes to our own bodies and our own responses. And if you'll read a bit more, you'll see that the older we are, the more familiar and comfortable we are with our own bodies and sexual response, hence the more orgasmic. Young girls may get tibits of biology and anatomy in their health-ed classes, but they're frequently vastly under-informed on matters of sexuality, physiology and anatomy. Parents, teachers and health educators have pretty well come to terms with the fact that boys are overtly sexual creatures, but there are still a lot of conflicted feelings among those same groups about girls being the same way. I am conviced that's why girls aren't getting sexual information and facts to the same extent. God forbid we acknowledge the fact that they're sexually active and give them the information they need to protect their health and their reproductive choices.
  14. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    first of all, i wish to apologize if i wrote anything offensive or bad. i didnt meant any harm, and didnt wish blame women for anything, so please forgive me.

    birdgirl, thanks for your reply. now i know only the last line of my post is actually right... :(

  15. Jizzle Blizzle420

    Jizzle Blizzle420 Registered+

    my girlfriend was never able to have an orgasm before me. well she could do it but no guy ever had. she told me before we ever had sex that she couldnt. it took sometime but i finally figured it out. she just has to be relaxed mentally. the first time was when she ate some ganja brownies, she isnt a pothead only smokes with me every once in a while.
  16. Hardcore Newbie

    Hardcore Newbie Registered+

    ^^^ I love it when guys come in to brag about their sexual conquests and achievements :p

    What's the deal with the ladies forum tho, is it a faux pas for guys to discuss things with you ladies, or is it indifferent or encouraged?
  17. birdgirl73

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    Not a faux pas at all, Hardcore Newbie. We welcome male interaction, too. It's certainly not a girls' only club. It's just that ladies are the minority on these boards as a whole and found that sometimes when asking or discussing girl-related topics in other areas they'd get derogatory comments or silly interjections. This is a forum in which it's safe to address female-related issues without fear of ridicule or negative comments. At least that's what we hope.
  18. Jizzle Blizzle420

    Jizzle Blizzle420 Registered+

    Hey im sorry if it seemed like i was trying to brag. it was a big problem at the begining of our "sexual" relationship. The point i was trying to get across was that the girl being comfortable with the guy really helps. its easier for a girl when she is relaxed. so the moral of the story is that sex is alot better (my own personal opinion) when you care about the person and can be comfortable with them.
  19. dutch.lover

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    haha anyways, i only have an orgasm during sex about 25% of the time, maybe even less than that. the only way i can come for sure is masturbating, and runner up to that is oral sex (i can usually come from that, but sometimes i get him to stop cause i take forever).
  20. Hardcore Newbie

    Hardcore Newbie Registered+

    I agree with that sentiment tho Jizzle, definitely better when you care about them, and you care more about her pleasure in that case.

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