How many people never got the chance?

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    Let me preface this opinion piece by saying that I am NOT a journalist, medical doctor or anyone who thinks they are some sort of scholar. My grammar is atrocious. I am NOT a professional at this.
    I’m just a poor old smelly firefighter who’s fighting Renal Cell Carcinoma, prostate issues and a host of other medical issues. Aside from a 50 hour work week I spend most of my off time taking care of an elderly parent, fighting Dallas traffic, and watching Netflix with my dogs. So this commentary is not going to be Pulitzer material. But I have to get this off of my chest.
    Late last night I started thinking of all the people who died of cancer and other illnesses never knowing that Cannabis could have saved their lives. It’s those dark, quiet peaceful moments when the whispers of the past can sometimes be heard over the crickets, frogs and the lulling drone of a box fan.
    So as I laid back and thought of all the actors that we’ve enjoyed on the silver screen who passed away from cancer and other diseases in the last 70 years, it got me thinking. What if they had been able to use all those cannabis products from the 1900s-1930s?What if, beyond 1937 to current day and along with access to those products, the market had been able to freely research cannabis and its healing properties in an open, legal environment free from government interference?
    Think of all the movie stars and famous people who died of cancer and other diseases over the past 70 years like John Wayne and so many others.
    Think of all the beautiful children who have died of cancer, epilepsy and other diseases in the past 70 years.
    Consider all the deaths from Parkinson’s, AIDS and Altzimers. Then I got angry. Why? They never got the chance to try cannabis.
    All because of one, powerful, greedy newspaper publisher and paper industrialist, William Randolph Hearst.

    William Randolph Hearst, a rich Democrat who mounted a propaganda campaign and made a stupid propaganda movie (Tell Your Children, aka, Reefer Madness), to strike fear in the people because he felt his paper industry was being threatened by a weed.
    In the link below, you’ll find a documentary where they discuss William Randolph Hearst and his successful propaganda campaign and the prohibition of cannabis. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, just skip to about the 54:00 mark. But it’s a great documentary. You should watch it all to understand why I got so angry and what we are now fighting for.

    In the 1920s, Doctors wrote over 2 million prescriptions Per year for medicines containing cannabis. In 1937 there were at least 28 over the counter preparations made of cannabis. All of it, banned after 1937. Gone. No longer accessible. Soon the European world would pretty much follow in the same footsteps and spread this prohibition on cannabis.
    Can I make the argument that cancer has increased since 1937? In a weak effort, Yes. But the bigger question is can I prove this increase is due to cannabis being removed from our diets and choices of medicine in 1937? Most assuredly not. There are too many other variables to consider. But I am very suspicious. Could those that did die of cancer have been able to have a better fighting chance to survive their illness? Contemplate the fact that any research on this subject that reflects positively on cannabis seeming to be very difficult to dig up makes me even more suspicious.
    The powerful rich Newspaper man lies. He mounts a propaganda campaign. The government covers up and lies. The medical and Pharma community covers up and lies. Our education system lies and has their own little propaganda to teach.
    So it’s no surprise that any statistics that would indicate that the absence of cannabis products in our daily diets may have also been a contributing factor that caused cancer cases to begin to rise significantly after 1937. Then you factor in the industrial chemicals, substances that are proven to be carcinogenic to humans during this industrial revolution post WWII. What if they had not made cannabis illegal? How many people who died could possibly have lived even longer or not even gotten cancer due to the cannabis compounds fighting along side their immune systems to keep the cancer cells under control? What if, the removal of cannabis from our lives in the 20th century caused an increase in illness?
    What would be your feelings towards a member of the press who lied to protect their own greedy intentions?
    Yes. I’m angry. And it’s just one more reason that I don’t trust the mainstream media.
    Everything is so convoluted now that we may never know the truth. And too many beautiful people have died.
    Here’s another article. It may or may not help much. It supports my observations. But it’s just too convoluted and weak to confirm my conclusions.

    Thanks for your support

    from Behind The Green Curtain.

    -“Tom S”

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    I wonder how many people will miss out on a drug that hasn't been invented yet.

    All kidding aside, the modern war against cannabis marches on, and cannabis is finally winning the battles.We just have to do our part to win the war on cannabis. Email your politicians. Seems like an innocuous thing to do, but every letter of email they read can only help them realize their constituents DO care about legalizing cannabis. It works. I spent years emailing Mitch McConnel, and now he at least is on board with legalizing hemp. It's a small win, but important.

    -FYI, I don't live in KY anymore.

    In any event, I think now there are at least two states that have legalized marijuana (Medical or recreational), via the legislature. That's a significant sign for cannabis.
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    Well. Cannabis has been around for a minute or two...... And the concoctions and tintures and benefits have been known for at least a couple of hours.
    So comparing cannabis benefits to the benefit of a drug yet to be invented is a little bit illogical. If you are just kidding around, well..... 45515FEE-39A7-43EF-A7B6-4637E3CA4D2D.jpeg

    Because I take this issue very seriously.
    I’m fighting cancer. My father died of Parkinson’s disease. My mother is bound up in an Altzimers/ Dementia memory care facility. I’ve lost friends and family to cancer. I find the loss of talented and brilliant people very tragic. Cannabis has been around for thousands of years. It’s properties were already being realized long before the 20th century. So I’m not quite sure what precipitated a flippant comment that belittles my observation. But whatever, bro. There’s a time and place for everything. I wrote this in a serious mindset.
    I’m not here to learn how to grow bumper crops and sell weed. I’m here for personal medicinal production and for advocacy and promoting legalization. And yes, I own a few pot stocks so there’s that. But I’m also here to learn. I’m here to get the best advice I can find from real people who are actually hands on making their own medicine. I realize that a few are doing it just for recreational and profit. I don’t have an issue with that. Thats totally legitimate in my eyes. I too have used cannabis in a recreational fashion in the past and once everything has fallen into place legalwise, I will probably do so again to a certain extent. Although I have no plans to grow to sell at this time, I am learning to grow and make my own medicine.
    But I can’t help but wonder who might still be with us today, had cannabis been legal for the last 80 years. Call me sentimental or an idealist. Whatever.
    Maybe you’re taking a shot at my point of view because I’m pointing out that it was in fact a member of a media outlet and a Democrat who caused the fear and panick over cannabis in the first place? I don’t know. I’m just pointing out facts. I’m not here to tell you things you want to hear. I’m prone to tell people stuff they need to know.
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    Well. At least I ain’t posting about aliens.
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    "Well. At least I ain’t posting about aliens."

    Unfair to aliens! :D
    (Yeah, I just hadda.)

    I understand what you are saying here.

    Let's extend that thinking a bit.
    Let's look at numbers.
    And world wide resources.
    Then, think about the very nature of life.
    Living cells have an expiration date.
    They self destruct through apoptosis as new cells are spawned.

    When apoptosis fails, we don't call that immortality, we call it cancer. It eventually kills the host.
    If we had the ability to thwart the grim reaper, we would soon "kill the host".

    It works like the 29th day of an algae filled pond.
    In the process of eutrophication, pond scum grows without challenge until the pond is half filled on the 29th day.
    How long will it take to completely fill and thus die?
    One freaking day!
    On the 30th day the whole pond dies!

    Death is a necessary part of life.
    The old make way for the young.

    I'm sure that I hurt as deeply as you for those we have lost.
    And knowing that it has to be this way helps very little.

    Technically, we could be screwing things up by putting cancers into remission.
    That will not deter me from making meds for myself and anyone who needs it. :)
    I figure it's old age that holds the winning hand. That and the many other ways to die are part of the balance.

    If I can help with extraction and dosage information, don't be shy.
    I've been doing this for 12 years and my prostate cancer is now in remission thanks to 155 mg. of RSO per day. (1.8 mg. per kg.)

    For the first 11 years I took very large doses 750 - 1000 mg. per day.
    Made me a bit of a zombie but RSO slowed the cancer's growth considerably.

    When I realized that the dosage was too high, I dropped it to 140 mg. and went into remission.
    Tried dropping it to 70 mg. (0.8 mg. per kg.), but that was insufficient and the PSA increased.
    Am now waiting for my next blood test to see what 155 mg. does.

    Aloha, and mahalo,
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    Cancer is scary!
    Some of us deflect fear with humor.

    I may be projecting here,
    but I'm confident
    that there was no intent to "belittle"anything but the fear.

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    My Situation involves both Renal Cell carcinoma and a pissed off prostate gland. Had a biopsy on the prostate in 2015. They found no cancer. But PSAs keep climbing. In Sept 2015 they found my kidney cancer. Lost that kidney. I was having a hell of a time recovering from that surgery. Still had elevated prostate PSAs. Tried some 350MG CBD and whoa. I finally got back on my feet from surgery. Went back to doc and he said my PSAs are still elevated and he wanted to do a biopsy again. I reminded him that he already did a biopsy. He went back and found the results and agreed. Not a good idea for two biopsys. LOL. I asked about cannabis and told him about my experience with CBD. He said he would see if he could get me a medical marijuana card but he doubted it. Called back a week later and said NO WAY in Texas could he do that. So he said keep trying the oil if it’s helping. So here I am. I would love to make my own CBD oil but have no idea how to isolate the THC out of the CBD. Probably cannot be done in a home setting. So I’m praying and advocating for legalization and removal from the schedule ASAP. Then we will have to advocate for company policy changes in drug testing. Otherwise I’m still fucked until I can retire or get disability. Working on both of those options as we speak.
    But I know we all die. It’s just sad that the illicit label given to cannabis could have been a factor in people not getting the meds to slow their decline, ease their pain and that might possibly have even prolonged their life if even for only a little while.
    I guess I’m just a little sentimental and too much of an Empath.

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