how many people use a trellis?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by TruePyroman, Dec 4, 2009.


Do you use a trellis?

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  1. I do!

  2. nah

  1. TruePyroman

    TruePyroman Registered+

    I was wondering cause I made one, have yet to use it because my canopy is always uneven... cause I'm growing two different strains.

    go figure after spending like 15 bucks on stuff to make one I see a net at home depot for 3$. boooo High Times for showing me howto make one for more expensive then just a net. T.T lol.
  2. redtails

    redtails Registered+

    Vertical or horizontal trellis? What I did with my outdoor grow a few years ago was used a wooden patio trellis to make two vertical sides to block the view so my neighbors couldn't just instantly recognise it. Then I used 1" poultry netting to make a box around the other sides and top for an outdoor scrog setup. Works quite well.

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