How many plants can 3 HPS 1000 Watt lights grow?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by pan247, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. pan247

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    Hey guys.. QUESTION?

    How many plants can 3 HPS 1000 Watt lights grow?

    and depending if there female what would be there yeild?

    I know one of you guys know this!!!

  2. BobBong

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    320.495 grams...

    no really....rly rly..


    No, there is nobody that is going to be able to tell you this. You could grow 1, 3 foot plant or 30 small clones... i assume you are talking about flowering these plants?

    How about this, 1000 watts covers about a 8x8 to 9x9 foot area... so the answer to your question is whatever you can fit in that area without crowding them together and maximizing light to all parts of the plants. Then of course there are light movers....

    any one of these plants could yield nothing, 4 grams or 4 ounces... it's all dependent on you as a grower and the experience you have.

    So needless to say, there's absolutely no way to say what you could yield from 3 1000 watt lights.

    What do YOU think you should yield? That's a better question...
  3. killa12345

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    i heard of someone running 144 under each 1000w and yielding 9.5 lbs every 56 days!
  4. BobBong

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    Don't believe everything you hear man...

    9.5lbs x 16 ounces per pound = 152 ounces

    152 ounces / 144 plants = 1.05 ounce per plant

    9ft x 9ft (the footprint of a 1000watt) = 81 square feet.

    81 sq. ft. / 144 plants = .5625 square feet per plant.

    That's 6.75 inches x 6.75 inches, per plant.

    a 56 day cycle obviously indicates a forced flowering of an heavy indica strain.

    56 / 7 = 8 weeks exactly.

    Possible? Maybe.. but that 9.5lbs is certainly not dried weight...more like 5lbs probably.. which ends up being about .55 ounces per plant, a much more believable yield.

    Just my thoughts.

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  5. pan247

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    Hey thank guys for all the great advice.. much apriciated..
  6. killa12345

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    That is dried weight.....the footprint used was 5 x5 with each 100 using 1 gal milk jugs with no spacing....144 plants on each table....average was somewhere around 14 gms per plant

    You do the math

    144 plants x 3 tables = 432 plants
    x 10-14 grms per plant

    = over 9 lbs dry

    THe yield is in the number of plants

    Size does matter! - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

    Check out this link.....i watched Jrosek grow a number of times and the numbers dont lie....ive watched a grow log with him yielding over 6lbs dry from one 1000w hps...I PERSONALLY KNOW i could yield over 3 lbs from my 600w hps BUT i would have to run over 100 - 2 qt buckets averaging 14 gms per week veg bloom immediatly.....I would be scared to run those numbers personally in the state im in.....but its possible....i plan to run 49 milk jugs next run with a similar program!
  7. drudown11

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    hundreds, and if you keep the small and go SOG, you could set up too rooms with those light so you can be veging some with one, while you flower another batch with the other two. Then instead of one big harvest you could just have a steady supply every month or two.
  8. BobBong

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    I'm sorry i might not be reading that correct. You're saying that the 9lbs is dry weight and was done with 3 1000watt hps over 3 5x5 foot tables, each of which had 144 1 gallon jugs?

    totaling 432 plants in 1 gallon pots under 3000 watts ?

    I originally understood this 9lb+ yield being from 1000watts but obviously this is not the case.

    I'm still having troubles believing the weight but i guess you had to be there.

    thanks for the link though
  9. jsb1904

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    3000 watt yield on average?

    A good gardener should pull .50 + gms per watt and this has pretty much held true for me.
  10. jsb1904

    jsb1904 Registered

    Count 1 lb per 1000 if you do it right and that means plant selection...

    I feel you Bob,
    I use (3) 1000 watters "L" light pattern 737 cfms front and back speedsters on both. in 8x8x8 and will put between 36 and 48 in flower. Its watts not plants that primarily call your yield..pot size, air and climate and more. I would be STOKED if I could pull 4 lbs out of my set up..9.5??? Gc that junk and it was probably .08 never 9.5lbs
  11. KaptainKron

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    I don't know anyone who covers 9'X9' with a 1000w light in flowering...
    Maybe 5'X5'

    I would grow 16-25 plants per light in 2-3 gallon pots:thumbsup:
  12. BalloonBoy

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  13. natrensland

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    ya 5x5 is more like it I have 5 1000watt lights going in a single car garage with 30 plants wife and I both have green cards and are allowed 15 each
  14. UnsettledParadox

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    i coop a room thats 9x8 and has 3 1000w lights. there is a lot more than just equipment that goes into yield. we run 16 plants per light and average about a pound per light. plant choice is key. clones or seeds? they handle differently. dirt choice, pot size, we run 3 gallon pots. nutrients, schedule, light timing, pruning, & plant type, etc... kush is typically a high potency bud but doesnt grow as large or as dense, snowcap is a beautiful, fat, plumpy yielder but has lower thc potency, yada, yada. growing is a lot more than hooking up a few lights and setting your calender. i wish you well!
  15. growingwithstyle

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    Good breakdown Bob.

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