how many plants can i gorw under a 600w hps?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by magic bud, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. magic bud

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    hi im going to start my growing this week and i am unshore of how many plants i should start with, i have 2 x PHILLIPS PL-L 36W/840/4P 2900 lm for the first period
    and one 600w hps for later i am growing magic bud and have 10 seeds and dont know how many of them i should plant to start with any ideas?
    thank you
  2. newgroweroldsmoker

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    under a 600 watt hps you can grow around 16 plants max.....if you want my opinion though you should go with 10-12 so as to have space for them to my setup i have 2x400 hps and grow 7 females out which 4 are in your case i guess it is ok to plant all ten seeds you have :)
  3. Zandor

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    One 600 w light will cover an area apx 3.5x3.5 sqft using the magic number 50w for every 1 sqft. Unless you are growing a SOG or something like that then you can only get 3 or 4 plants to grow to size. Each plant needs at least 2 sqft minimum to branch out and grow enough to have light coverage.

  4. newgroweroldsmoker

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    you can do better than that....of course 50 watt per sqft is optimal level but again that would be a waste of watts....from what i've read in erowid i think (that's why i do not post the link) you can have a successful garden with 3,000 lumens per sqft....a 600watts hps emits around 90,000 lumens....that equals to 30sqft of space....the manufacturer of my 400 hps states that can cultivate in a space 4x4 ft=16sqft=25 watt/sqft.....moreover , it depends on the strain that you choose to tall and how bushy.....i agree to the thought of the way you choose to grow but the only factor that limits the amount of plants that you can grow in a certain space is their height....
    also i've read this thread (report number 3) .....check how many plants can be grown from seed into a sqft........i grow the same strain into a space of 6x3 under 2x400 hps....
    anyway what i want to say is that it all depends on the height of the plants...
    i have 4 of that strain that cover the area of 16 sqft and 3 of the same strain in the area of 2sqft....and all of them are budding.....
    the second hps was added only a week ago to enhance budding......
    with the 600 hps you can grow to full maturity around from 1 (an enormous bush)to 16(small to medium plants) and maybe even more all depends on plant i think with my 400 hps could grow 16 Lowryders in 16sqft.....1 per sqft........ :)
  5. Zandor

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    There are two factors to consider. Temperature is first; monitor the temperature at the average height of your plants. To close and you burn the tips to far away and you give up luminance penetration (PAR). Second is Luminance loss. Most experts are in agreement that light intensity diminishes exponentially fast.
    For example:
    A 400-watt MH from 0” to 12” is about the same luminance say 55000
    Same light at 24” the luminance is now about 30000

    Still good

    Same light at 36” the luminance is now about 12000

    Lumens is a mathematical formula that measures the bulbs intensity at 1 foot. The color or type of bulb is not calculated in the formula I=L/D²
    Lumens received are a measured in watts-per-square foot or foot-candles. Calculating foot-candles or lux is a more accurate way to estimate the amount of light plants receive. This still only measures how much light you plants have available but not how much your plants use.
    Light diminishes exponentially fast!
    The closer your plants are to the light the more lumens they receive the better they will grow, as long as the heat from the light does not burn the foliage.

  6. magic bud

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    ok thanks foe your help still got a couple of days b4 i start if anyone else wants to reply thanks for your advice im proable going to go somewhere in between and plant 7 or 8 for now thanks again

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