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how many plants can i grow with a 400w hps?

Discussion in 'Southern California' started by icon77, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. icon77

    icon77 Registered

    how many plants can i grow with a 400w hps? and keep them healthy with room to grow and yield a decent amount? is a 1000w hps really worth it for a 6by 3 closet grow?
  2. icon77

    icon77 Registered


    how tall should you veg your plants for a good yield? im a month into my first grow with some florescents there about 3 feet and next time around i want to do it right
  3. sleeperls93

    sleeperls93 Registered+

    If they are about 3 feet tall, I would start to flower them... They will stretch during budding...
  4. whenwethc

    whenwethc Registered+

    if you have the space you can grow up to 12 plants with a 400 hps my current grow consists of 12 3 feet tall various strain plants under 400 wt hps flowering now yes they will grow around twice there size but i have the room for them

    i think this helps
  5. icon77

    icon77 Registered

    thanks man, ya i was thinking around 6 so hopefully this all works out. thanks alot
  6. widder

    widder Registered


    Mostly it depends on what shape yo've pruned your plants into. In my 4x4 closet I have grown 4 bushy plants that were topped several times or 12 of the same strain un touched. Don,t wait too long to begin flowering....a3 foot plant in a 12 inch tall pot can wind up too close to your light if you're not careful. This happened to me once and I have an 8ft. ceiling...
  7. widder

    widder Registered


    ....and a 400W HPS works fine in my space, and should be plenty for you if you use about a 3x5 as the primary lighting area.Which would leave you a small storage space, something I wish I had!...I have vertical flouros in each corner,which helps a little
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2010
  8. drudown11

    drudown11 Registered+

    way too much heat for the 1000 watt light. Your plants will fry.

    If you dont take ventilation precautions, that 400 watt light is going to add tons of heat too.
  9. blucheese

    blucheese Registered

    how about a 200 watt bulb?
  10. ZeroWingX

    ZeroWingX Registered+

    I personally Grew at one time around 36 Plants under one light while I was saving money for an upgrade lol.This was about a week ago actually.They are all doing very well and though not budding quite yet are thicker than a Sharpy and dont show sign's of stopping. If you do rotate the plants Manually, swap the placement to that short plants have better lighting to catch the bigger ones, keep temps down as a 400 HPS bulb will shine pretty hot man. I had to run AC to keep the room a constant 78-84 F. I also cracked about 15 Seedlings in a high humidity tank under the same light with the other 36, they are now all very healthy and around 10 inch's tall alrdy.
    1k will run VERY hot so be warned ull need a fan and make sure the lights 2 feet away from the plants to prevent heat exhaustion... Trust me I lost a Purple Kush and 2 Master Bubba's to that...
  11. budlover13

    budlover13 Registered+

    If your ladies are 3' tall in 12" pots, be carefull of getting root-bound as you flower. If you're only wanting 6-8 plants per harvest, you could easily go with larger pots.
  12. ZeroWingX

    ZeroWingX Registered+

    Yea thats def a problem, Id suggest at least 3gl pots when Flowering at min, idealy the best choice for big yields are
    Space: 5gl+ will allow healthy roots that will grow to fill the pot(make sure to water the whole pot not just the middle as that will create "lazy" roots)
    Light: The more the light the bigger the yield. 1000w is ideal but be warned about heat, to much light is not a good thing if you burn your crop.
    Nutrients: I personally am Switching to all organic and becoming self suffecient as I own my own Genetics Company (yep and I'm only 22! lol)
    But less is somewhat better, start high low low and progress 5 weeks in twards even , end up low mid high for best results. Flowering takes a lot of strain and energy on your plants. But remember to much will chemical burn them and all you can do to save that is flush and pray your azz off lol.
    *remeber to please flush 2 weeks before harvest! its very importnant and often over looked.
  13. whenwethc

    whenwethc Registered+

    yeah this is a must i lollipop my plant so there 3 feet tall but half a foot is stalk a really thick stalk so there is only about 2 1/2 feet of vegetataion on them some are topped the ones that were falling out of the consistent canopy.
    but i dont worry because i have an air cooled hood runing 247 so my light is about 4 inches away from the toppest colas i also have my tent fully cooled down its never to hot in there for them

    this is a good choice when you cant fit all your plants in a small area mine are in 3 g. grow bags which i made fit to my style there tall bags instead of those fat ones i keep them in small pots all the way threw veging i keep transplanting to keep the roots tight until i flower them so they can use all the 3 g.

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