How many plants per 1000 watt lamp?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by razzapiggy, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. razzapiggy

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    I bought 55 clones for this run, looks as if about 8 of them won't make it leaving me with 45-47 depending how a few bounce back.

    I feel like that's too few. I'm growing Sour Deisel and Grape Ape - both sativas.

    I am running 3600 watts, and I'm a bit worried about the # of clones I have. I did some LST'ing...that should fill out my canopy a bit more right?

    I vegged for about three weeks already, they are around 12 inches tall... and will be left in three gallons for another week before switching to 12.12

    A few of the ones that I feel might not make it just don't look strong. A bit yellow, just weak looking....fraile. I don't have time for an upload, I have experience with this stuff and thus far am not sure what is causing it.

    They are well behind the others in terms of developement and may not be worth the time.
  2. psteve

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    1000W = less than 20 square feet (5'x4') of lit floor space.


    damn bro 3600 watts! thats sweet go all out and you get your money's worth while growing.I would say between 12 -15 plants per 1000watts, that's what I have been always been told.Good luck with your grow,I hope you get at the least 5 oz and up per plant sound like a real hardcore project,I hope it rewards you back good luck!
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    There is no set number of plants per watt. Every strain and growing style is different.
    If you scrog one big plant to 36", you can pretty much use up a 1000 watt light. Or, you could grow sea of green, and have 20 small plants in the same space.
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    12 to 15 undereach should be fine with a 4 week veg. The ones that are showing some yellowing may be getting over watered if they are behind and you are feeding them as often as the more healthyer girls. Give them a little more time to dry out between waterings to let them catch up and dry off their wet feet IMO. An extra week or two of veg may help with filling out the canapy to take advantage of all that light.

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