how many plants per square meter?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by crazycanuc, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. crazycanuc

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    Hey, I'm thinking about trying to grow for my first time. I was just browsing some sites and almost all of them measure the yield by grams/squared meter.

    Thats all fine and dandy but how many plants per square meter must you have to get an accurate estimate.

    One more thing, the grams that they say per meter is that after they are cut, dried and ready to enjoy?

    I personally think the more appropriate way to calculate yields would be by grams/plant but thats just me.

    For those who aren't metrically inclined 1 meter=roughly 3 feet.
  2. Dutch Pimp

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    Most of those advertized yields are by expert growers, under ideal conditions....yours may vary.
  3. klondike_bar

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    in a good plant, you can expect 1-2 oz easily.

    realiztically, youd probably want about 4 or 5 plants in a square metre, any more and flowering may become crowded. (plant more than 5 seeds tho, because some may be duds or males that need removal, opening space)
  4. stinkyattic

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    Captain helpful strikes again... ugh. Please.
  5. PharmaCan

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    If you want to start growing, you need to figure out your budget for buying all the gear you need - lights, ventillation. etc - then you can figure out how many plants you can grow. How much you yield will depend on your skill as a grower.

    PC :smokin:
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    I take a 6 month break from message-boarding and this is what I come back to? This website used to have nothing but good info.

    MsStinky I see you've moved up in the game ;). You're showing great restraint by not nuking everything this guy posts. :hippy:

    P.S. you're not going to believe the rootporn I have for you soon :thumbsup:
  7. bud luv

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    The answer is a question back to you: How many plants do WANT to grow in a square meter? You could grow as many or as few as you want. Literally anywhere from less than 1 to 50+. You can have good results with any number of setups, it just depends what kind of room you wanna run with.

    No two rooms are exactly the same... You have to consider: ventilation, height, growing medium, lightsource and lots of other factors. Tell us what your room is like and what your budget is and we can give you some solid suggestions.
  8. Budexpress

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    Its as many clones of a mother plant you pick out that you can fit in a SOG in an Square Meter.
  9. xcrispi

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    Very very enourmous 1 .
    Crispi :D
  10. BlueBear

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    I haven't found that measurement used very often in my exp for the fact there are to many variables. I think to get a better ball park figure you have to have some more specific questions, size of space you have, amount of lights you can use according to your space and venting abilities and your grow medium, meaning are you using soil, coco, RW, grow rocks or what. You may be able to put 4 5 gallon pots of soil under a 1K taking up a 4x4 area and veg for 2 months and flower for 2 months and pull 12 to 16 OZ's which would be 5G per wattage of light or you could put a 4x4 ebb and flow table under that same area with 20 to 30 plants and harvest 1.5 LB with only 1 week of veg time. Methods, experience, strains and more determine the outcome.
    Perhaps you need to think about your goals, energy level and ability to commit to a project weather big or small in all of it's different facets.
  11. crazycanuc

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    irt bud love

    Well I will be growing outdoors, and will be buying 2 400 watt lamp for the first few weeks until I wanna kick the girls out.

    I will be buying feminised probably a big bud mix. I was just curious cause I was going to use some plastic tubs that are about a meter squared and about 2 foot deep. Was just going to drill a few holes in the bottom and just stick the tubs in the ground. This way i can make my own soil and control the nutrients.

    I plan on having about 10-20 tubs, maybe more if a friend wants me to grow for them. So since I am going with a strong yielding, large strain maybe 1-2 per tub?

    I plan on going all out I am willing to spend at least $1500-2000 on seeds and supplies. maybe more if the need arises.

    I am a bit of a green thumb but never worked with mary jane before.

    Its gonna be pretty sweet I got about 500 square acres to work with and a freshwater river running through the property twice, and I have been looking at buying a quad just to rip around on and have fun, might come in very handy.

    So pretty much to sum it up I want the best quantity without sacrificing any quality. And also do you guys think that i could get away with leaving them in the tub for the full season or will I have to take them out and stick them into the ground, because if that is the case i might go with a smaller strain and stick a few more per tub in.
  12. BlueBear

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    I think that you need to read up on outdoor gardening/gorilla farming. If anything, you really only need a good T5 set up IMo to start plants to get ready to go outside and then nature will take care of the rest of the lighting. If you want to focus on anything, it would be making and understanding a good outdoor soil mix and taking the steps to insure that your security is set up and looked at very seriously. If you have one plant on the wrong property you can go to federal prison and police can and will work with FBI when parks and national forestry's are used for gardening. I have known them to set up hidden camera systems to catch the owner of a crop. For future, your first question was fairly unrelated to your latter question. Outdoors and indoor growing are two different animals.
  13. PharmaCan

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    Since you have 4-5 months before you will be able to put your plants outside, my suggestion would be that you get a small grow going right now, maybe ten seeds. By the time you are ready to go outdoors, your plants will be mature enough to sex. Toss out the males and take clones from the mothers. Aside from the obvious benefit of knowing that all your plants are females, you'll also have four months to grow some mj and learn about the plant.


    PC :smokin:

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