how many plants under 1 600w light

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by eadesy, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. eadesy

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    Hi people im just wondering how many plants i should put under each 1 of my 3 600w lights and i know i should rotate my plants but is there a way i should place them under it as i got 2.5 oz on each plant last time and i was told i should be looking for 4-5oz oer plant hope some1 can help if you have any pics to show that would be great thanks people
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  2. SpaceNeedle

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    If you are a very experienced grower, you MIGHT get a total of 16 oz, if you are lucky. I have been growing a number of years, and doubt if I could do it. so I think you would do very well if you got say, 12 oz. Now how do you want to spread that out into number of plants? 6 plants @ 2oz would do it....
    or does 12 plants at 1oz sound better?

    Don't plan your yield unless you've done it for a few years, that's my advice, your first crop... hm maybe 6 oz?
  3. eadesy

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    Cheers spaceneedle i have since been told posting the question that i should get 5oz per a plant so for 16 plants im looking at 80oz now i know what you mean about not counting the yeild befor its started by would this be a good guide??
  4. SpaceNeedle

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    80 oz is 5 lbs. NO WAY. The general 'rule' is for an experienced grower to get 16 oz using a 1000 Watt light.... and you would do very well if you got half of that on your first try. Thats using almost twice the light you are using.

  5. stinkybudz

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    actually 2g/w is now the 'norm' or the 2 pounds a light, but thats only with good yieling strains
  6. eadesy

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    right so what ur saying it that for every light i use (i have three) i will get a pound or 16 ounces so 3 lights x 16 = 48 so i will get arount 48 ounces off my three lights and 16 plants.:jointsmile:
  7. Hempfester

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    Yeah, it would really depend on your strain.

    If your strain grows tall and skinny, you just harvest the main cola, you can fit more per light.

    If your strain grows out and bushy, less will fit.

    Also depends on how long you keep them in veg for. If you top them and veg them until they are bushy monsters, you will need less plants. If you are doing Sea Of Green and putting your plants in flower early, you can use smaller pots and really pack them in there.
  8. eadesy

    eadesy Registered

    veg stage

    Thanks hempfester thats good info about the size and how they grow. how long should i veg for and what is topping( cutting the top off i guess) and when is best to do it also do you prune yopur plants??
  9. Hempfester

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    I don't top my plants any more. Some strains don't like it. I tie mine down. (a la LST)

    The ones right under my light I LST to keep them short, while i let others grow tall and put them at the outside of my circle of pots to make like a stadium effect.

    If you are going to top or prune your plants, I would suggest no later than 2 weeks before flower to give the new shoots some veg time to develop before flowering.

    The best is to just experiment and find out what works best for you under your conditions.
  10. eadesy

    eadesy Registered

    cheers mate' what do u mean by LST??
  11. eadesy

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    and how long should i veg for i usally do 4 weeks veg 8 weeks flower
  12. Hempfester

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    LST means "Low stress training"

    Here... Let me google that for you

    It's a matter of preference and growing style that dictates how long you should veg for. The longer you veg, the bigger the plant. But, you need the room and big enough pots and such. If you prune your plants to make them more bushy, you will have to veg them longer to let the new growth develop.

    I think the best time to put your plants into flower when growing from seed is when the preflowers start to develop and they start to show sex on their own....usually about 6 weeks or so..but again, it depends on the strain and other factors. Some also say they are ready to go into flower when the new nodes start to alternate sides.
  13. eadesy

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    Thanks mate sorry for being thick i just want to learn all i can.

    that LET ME GOOGLE THAT FOR YOU WAS QUALITY :clap: even if it made me look stupid how did you do it Thanks for the help
  14. disrupt86

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    i find that 6 plants in 5 gallon buckets is about as much as you want to put under one 600. yup theres no way your going to pull 5 oz a plant.espescially with a 600 or 3 600's.there's just not enough lumen output to creat as many nodes to support that much weight.unless you chose a verry high yielding strain "usually sacrifice quality" and a baddass 14 part nutrient program,like advanced nutrients. you would really need to be on the ball with your feeding and have a super keen eye to achieve those goals.good luck though
  15. LayainHate

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    After some good experimentation, I have found it best to go with no more than 5 plants per 600. That being 4 on the corners one in the middle on a 4x4 tray. On good strains, (not sacraficing quality) you should be able to pull down 3oz/plant, maybe even four if pruned and tied precisely to a canopy. This should give you a decent yield of 15ozs-20oz/600watt.
  16. SWABLR

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    400W MH

    Dude, I have a dozen doing just fine under a 400W MH.

  17. SWABLR

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    Oh yeah man, 80 oz from 16 plants, can do!

    But I was getting Holy Water from the Catholic Church down the street to water my plants.

  18. headshake

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    it's not really about how many plants you can put under a 600W HPS.

    how much floor space do you have? what are your goals? what size pots do you want to finish in? are you trying to go SOG?

  19. Rusty Trichome

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    What size containers did you use for the 2.5 ounce plants? How tall were they? How many did you put under those 3 lights? What medium, which nutes...How long did you veg them, and how long in flower?

    More importantly...have you done this more than once, or did someone help you before?
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  20. eadesy

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    7 plants

    RUSTY TRICHOME i had 7 plants under a 400w and a 600w it was kush i had 10 liter pots and i veged for 4 weeks and flowerd for 8 weeks i used a canna P.K and a canna boost they were around 6.5 ft in an all mix soil some1 helped me who has grown for 10 years well he showed me what o do for about 3 weeks and then told me when to go from24/0 to 12/12 then came back to harvest and he took one look at it and just scratched his head and said f#'k knows what happened ....reason i now have 3 600w lights and im going to be useing a veg bio bizz and a bio bizz topmax and im getting a ph digital tester pen do you suggest anything eles that cam improve my poor poor yeild....ow and i really cant afford and co2 unless i can u a fire extinguisher which i can get for nothing as i have spunked a £550 budget on equipment and cuttings:confused::confused::confused:

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