How many times can you harvest the same plant?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by 420smoker, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. 420smoker

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    I have a question for anyone that knows. How many times can you harvest the same plant? Do the light cycle changes cause stress on the plants and keep them from producing any more flowers?
  2. marimbas

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    its not an easy thing to harvest a plant and then let it veg again and then flower...
    after you flower you have to set up the light cycle in veg mode for like another month, so it recovers must of the leafes and stuff, then again in flower mode... I belive you can harvest your plant only twice... but im not sure, and for what ive seen... this worked for a friend of mine but it was really hard eh... but anyway experience is the best teacher
  3. sugarmagnolia

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    i just finished my first grow and harvest and revegged after with very little trouble. Just kept it on 24/0 then got inpatient and put it to flowering. Growing better than it was before, but with a few strange mutations, ie. random leaves that only have one finger.
  4. Funken Monken

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    I'm just about to get a 2nd harvets having regenerated my plant. Seems to have worked quite well. After harvesting 1st time round, I cut the plant right back, left a few of thesmaller buds on (the lower brances) the reverted to the 18/6 light cycle.
    Into week 3 of flowering and its doing just dandy
  5. notanovice

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    it can be revegged and harvested as many times as you want but not very feesible, i had a plant that i had harvested for 3 years, it was very stressful to the plant and the harvests were smaller, but it can be done
  6. GTC21

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    The last time I did it the plant looked like a bansai tree, it was extremely bushy but the leaves were only tiny and weird looking, all mutated and shit. I don't think it's worth doing (unless it's your only possible source of new clones or something), you could have new cuttings rooted and growing by the time a flowered plant has reverted back to vegetative growth. Plus the soil will be depleted of nutrients and it will be root-bound and have lots of dead roots. It's best to start over fresh if you can.
  7. unmeg

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    this is this plants third time around :)

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  8. Garden Knowm

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    420... I think you should go for a record... keep a plant around for years..10-20 or 50 years.. and turn it into a photo essay... right a book.. make a movie..... win a peace prize and a pulitzer

    shit, pass the plant onto your grand kids... it could become an heirloom.. just a thought : )
  9. joycie1234

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    I want to re harvest my plant aswell its only in week 1 but im thinking into the future its my first plant so i wanna keep it going for as long as possible
    Like i said its only week 1 but im sure ppl got the aying wrong dogs aint man's best friend weed plants are :p

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