How many times should i feed my plants

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by kindToker0610, Dec 7, 2009.

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    so I have4 plants the tallest one being my "Green Crack" and it is 16'' i am woundering how many times a day i should feed my plants they are still in my veg room and i have them set up for a drip but dont know how many times and for how long at a time i heard in the flowering stage you feed 2 times for 15 mins so if anyone could plz help thanks
  2. LOC NAR on probation

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    Tell us more about your drip system. There are a lot of variables.

    Our first system was continuous drip. We then tried to cut back to 15 minutes 6 times a day and now have stepped it back up to 1 hour 6 times aday. It's part of tuning in your system.

    Don't forget the airstones.
  3. SpaceNeedle

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    That's pretty hard to determine..... especially when you don't tell what you have them in. For example, rockwool would require a lot less watering than hydroton, or clay pellets.
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    okay loc I am going to weigh in on this. Becuase this is something I am still dialing in.

    I use 6 inch rockwohl cubes as my medium...I use injection drip system. Drip lines go directly inside the rochwohl. I am currently watering 4 times per day at 15 minute intervals. My plants are guzzling about 1 gallon of water per day (per 6 plants). Room temps range from 71-75 degrees.

    You have seen pictures of my grow...does this seem right to you?

    The only reason I ask is because your system seems insane to me with one hour feed times. Literally feeding 6 hours per day. WOW! :thumbsup:
  5. LOC NAR on probation

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    Marty we are using top feed lines and have noticed that 24/7 is too much but worked. Only using 1 inch rockwool for clone starters and then 3 inch netpots with hydrotron. If the water level inside the tubs falls too much the long air time on the exposed roots tend to try them out and turn brown. Other wise we would run a much shorter time. Tuning in.

    Marty, do you ever have problems with roots cloging lines ? I ask because we tried to put the drip line in the netpot only to find the roots clogged up the lines and we ended up with bonsai's before we found the problem.
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    I am using 6 inch coco cubes...Stoped using hydrotron (too hard to get dialed in perfectly. Coco cubes work great.

    Browned roots is an issue of mine...but, I also do not have to deal with the roots clogging my system. the 6 inch cubes are more than enough medium for my plants to be big and healthy. I do believe I could probably water more often though. push it to 6 feedings per day at 15 minutes.

    I was also reading quite a bit about AIR PRUNING. By putting my girls on a metal grate I should solve my feeding variables (not to mention be able to transplant some big girls to outdoors for this next season). You guys are gonna be in for a treat. 5 acres (30 plants)...and an indoor grow to get them going. I want 20 footers.

    Thanks for the feedback LOC! :jointsmile:

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