How Much Are Canadians Paying For Marijuana?

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    How Much Are Canadians Paying For Marijuana?


    How much are Canadians paying for marijuana? The national group Statistics Canada recently surveyed over 10,000 cannabis-loving Canadian citizens. They found that while the price per gram of weed varied between the provinces. But the results of the survey indicate that the national average was fairly low.

    Cost of Cannabis in Canadian Dollars
    Some of the latest data from Statistics Canada shows pot consumers in the northern nation are paying less than $7 a gram. This is significantly lower than what Canadian dispensaries are expected to charge.

    Around 15,000 Canadians were polled in the online survey. The results provide a breakdown on cannabis cost by both province and territory. For example, a gram of herb in Quebec is around $5.89, while pot consumers are paying $11.89 in Northwest Territories. But the prices are only estimates.

    Some of the respondents are likely everyday users, the kind who would buy larger quantities at a time. This could drive down the reported prices, according to StatsCan economist Conrad Barber-Dueck.

    “We don’t know if people are misreporting, although at nearly 16,000 respondents from across the country, it would be difficult for respondents to have a co-ordinated effort to skew the results,” said Barber-Dueck.

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