How much bud do you need to put in food to get stoned?

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by GTC21, Jun 17, 2005.

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    I would imagine it takes more weed to get stoned if you're eating it than it does when you smoke it.

    Say if I made a chocolate cake or something, how much weed would I have to put in it to get really stoned? The weed I have is pretty potent, half a joint gets me nicely stoned.

    How long does it take to work when you eat it?

    How long does it last?

    Does the high feel different from smoking it?
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    Thanks for all the replies:)
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    umm, well ill try to help you out... me and my friend made brownies bout a week ago, we put in about 1/2 - 3/4 o of regs in a 9x9 i think i was pan of brownies... i had about 3 of them, he had about 3, and we let other friends have like 1 a piece... he and i smoke alot, and we felt pretty good off it, and so did the other people (who didnt smoke a whole lot)

    so i guess a 1/2 - 3/4 o of regs will do 3 heavy users pretty good...

    btw it was kinda hard to tell how long it took to work and how long it lasted cause we were baked when we made them and continued to smoke throught the night lol sooo... but it was fun anyways :D
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    for personal use i would go with a gram, try it take a gram brake it up stem and all. put it in a cup w/some butter and whole milk (remember the more fat the more thc is absorbed) heat it up, nuke it, stove top what ever. but not to hot. i would use a low setting on the micro, and lower heat on the stove. just exparament.
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    oh and btw,

    i love eating it, you get much more of a body high and a more intense longer lasting high all together, very euphoric and stoney. Just make sure you dont have work early the next day and you'll be fine hehe. on the down side it will knock your resistence right up, so its not something you wanna do too often, unless your sitting on top of a mountain of skunk that is :D
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    I loved that whole list,MMMMMMMM cannamilk and froot loops. I just got caught by the parents, seeing how it's 11:30 here and they just got home. They're cool though and my mom was like "cereal! whats that smell, you smokin without me!" i told her what i did, and she demanded i make her a bowl. I used a bunch of shake for mine, but i used a couple buds for hers.LOL i think she'll be good. :)
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    when we made brownies we used an 8x8 inch pan and put about a 1/4 of an ounce of pretty good weed in there. we each had one big one, plus some bong hits and a couple of j's. an hour later when those brownies hit... it was crazy. my friend was whipping me with a belt(i think pretty hard,i cant really remember..heh heh) and i was just laughing and screaming and laughing. it was the best.
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    HOW much weed does it take to get you high?? See ask yourself this first and then think about how big the thing your makin is. The smaller the better becuase the less weed you would have to use to get it evenly distrubted. I just ground it up really good and put it in the brownies but all of who ate what I made was gagging, we chugged milk after every bite and that helped. I would of course think ti would be better just to make butter first then make the brownies or whatever.
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    I dont get why people say they got SOOO fucked up. To me and the rest of my friends, it just felt like we just put a huge blunt down that was smoked between two people. We were playing disc golf when we were blazed so it made a lot nicer surroundings to be in. We were stoned a good 5 or 6 six ours.

    But we also put A HUGE half into a little 8 by 8 pan It may have been closer to about 3/4 of an ounce I think. About 20 or 21 grams maybe, it could have been a little less..............

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