How Much Can You Fit In One Blunt?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by 1e64102e, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. 1e64102e

    1e64102e Registered+

    What's your fattest blunt ever?
  2. supersonicchronic

    supersonicchronic Registered+

    I think I did pretty close to 1/8th a couple new years ago. I got the whole place lifted. It was a super joint though, not a blunt. You could probably fit over in 8th into one of those huge garcia vegas w/ the green leaf wrap. I'm gonna roll one put it on a frame, and put that shit on my wall. I'll only smoke I'm dying from withdrawl.
  3. west coast style

    west coast style Registered+

    I rolled up a 3.8 gram blunt last year, but I dunno what kinda blunt it was.
  4. mono repin

    mono repin Registered+

    I've done 3 without trying to make a huge blunt. It was my first roll, and it just seemed easier to put more weed in. Of coarse I had the grass to burn so that wasn't stopping me either. I'm sure with a bigger wrap you could do 7-8 grams. It's a waste though if you only have a few heads on it. A huge ass blunt like that is best for parties I suppose.
  5. photosynthesis

    photosynthesis Registered

    ive rolled a 20 sack of shwag before and a couple people i was with rolled a 2 gram blunt of kb which was a fuckin waste
  6. nomadherbman

    nomadherbman Registered+

    a little over 5 grams.. gracia vega or crystal is the way to go,,, but the greens are nasty..stick to the blue...

    are you serious....a blunt should be no less than a 1/2 8th...definatly not a waste
  7. sir smokes alot

    sir smokes alot Registered+

    wasted 3/4's of an eith lol that makes no sense to me right now
  8. BluntArtist

    BluntArtist Registered+

    Get a Titan Phillie. They're longer than a normal Phillie and you can fit an 1/8 of some dank in it.
  9. 1e64102e

    1e64102e Registered+

    I like Cyclone Wraps. Blunts are mostly a social thing, but they are wasteful, even if they're rolled by a pro. When it comes to blunts, for me, the rule of thumb is 1g per person. Last week, there was 6 of us, so I put 6g, and we were quite baked!
  10. Dutchmaster

    Dutchmaster Registered+

    1/8 is the biggest ive rolled but idk maybe a 1/4.....
  11. stankystank

    stankystank Registered+

    about a quater of stress or schwag but it hit like shit in the begining but towards the end perfect
  12. ADaisyChain

    ADaisyChain Registered+

    A quarter of mids between me and a friend. We got a qp and decided to celebrate by wasting weed. ^.^ I don't know about him... because I don't remember much about that night... but I remember laying in my bed and occasionally being able to open my eyes. It was a relatively wasted high, since I slept through alot of when I would've been high. But smoking it was still fun.

    Oh, and once I smoked 2 grams of chronic in a blunt by myself and passed out on our backyard porch swing. Time had passed faster then expected and my mom got home. When my mom came outside she kept asking me if I was okay and then she saw the blunt roach I put out with about 1/5th of it left because I was so stupidly fucked up. She just picked it up from the porch, put it in a ziplock bag to give me later, and walked me to my bed. What a cool fucking mom.
  13. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    i have a giant CC cigar, like a foot long u could fit probibly a quarter or more in it.
  14. 90civicracer

    90civicracer Registered+

    The largest I've rolled was a 5 gram using a royal blunts wet mango wrap. I probably could have fit more in, but 5 grams was all that was left.
  15. a cloud of marijuana

    a cloud of marijuana Registered+

    well, if you put a couple of papers together (although, is not flavored, or a blunt).... i dunno lol, i didnt weigh it.. got like fucking 8 papers stuck them together rolled that fat fucker, stuck it in a hallow metal pipe, went upside down against the wall and smoked that shit.. half way threw a hommie of mine, who'd been smoking for about 5 years, passed out and used a math text book as a pillow. :thumbsup:
  16. justinsane

    justinsane Registered+

    i usually roll my joints with 2 papers wide, just to fit more weed in it.

    havent tried making them longer yet

    and havent tried a blunt yet

    but ive been using papers alot more than my bowl lately
  17. EzRyder

    EzRyder Registered+

    Go to look for "big blunt" these guys roll a 13.8 gram blunt of some chronic and smoke it, its pretty sweet..
  18. a cloud of marijuana

    a cloud of marijuana Registered+

    anyone see those tubs that the papers wrap around? so you can have it as long as you want. its on a tub like tinfoil kind, just smaller
  19. 90civicracer

    90civicracer Registered+

    Word, I've done this too...The result was some nice fat joints, lol.
  20. Gecko

    Gecko Registered+

    The most I've rolled was a 4 gram blunt of some Cali Kush a while back. I got so fucked off that thing.

    8th blunts are pretty easy to roll in my eyes. Hell, rolling any blunt is really easy. All my friends say I roll the best blunts and ask how the hell I learned to do it so well, and I said it came naturally, which it really did.:)

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