How much do i get for an 1/8th?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by skarz, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. skarz

    skarz Registered+

    Hey guys, i'm buying my first bit of mary jane and i was thinking about getting an 1/8th for personal use... i was just wondering 2 things.

    1.) Could someone post some nice pics of an 1/8th so i know what i'm getting and i don't get ripped off, cause i'm a noob.

    2.) How many bowls/uses will an 1/8th last me for?

  2. brrg744

    brrg744 Registered+

    well if u get an eight put all the weed in one vorner of the baggie. it should be just slightly smaller then a golf ball. The proce can be anywhere from 30$ for lower quality 30's, 40-50$ for dank and 60$ for dro. these proces are average in my area, however it shouldnt be grader then the prices i put up.
  3. brrg744

    brrg744 Registered+

    oh yea i can stretch an 8th for 2 weeks but if i smoke alot it will be gone in week. And im talking 1 bowl per day. Usually itll last ypu 1 week if u pack decent bowls
  4. skarz

    skarz Registered+

    Well i don't smoke that much... only on weekends pretty much, so i figure it should last me longer... but i was wondering if theres a general number of bowls you can pack with an 1/8th... thanks for the tip though brrg744, thats a good way of judging.
  5. Nullific

    Nullific Banned

    How depends on how dense the bud is too though. A gram should get you 4-5 bowl packs so an 8th (3.5grams) would be 12-14 bowls conservatively.
  6. Up In Smoke 420

    Up In Smoke 420 Registered+

    Depends on the size of your bowl..
  7. skarz

    skarz Registered+

    I have two pipes... a glass pipe with a medium sized bowl... not sure how many that would get... then a wood pipe from Ecuador with a small bowl.
  8. LimpBizkitRMV04

    LimpBizkitRMV04 Registered+

    i get around 8-10 bowl packs out of an eigth normally medium bowl size
    if you only smoke on weekend then that should last you quite awhile if you dont smoke that much anyways
  9. The Piper

    The Piper Registered+

    when i get an 1/8 i usually smoke a bowl a day(i have a large bowl)an it usually lasts me around a week so with a medium bowl u should probiblt have around 10 bowls or so
  10. robert42

    robert42 Registered+

    3.5 g's = 6/7 Nice Joints
  11. rollinKansas

    rollinKansas Registered+

    if you roll your joints 1gram a piece you have 3 joints and a fat bowl
  12. Killa.Kali

    Killa.Kali Registered+

    an eigth of what? i mean an eigth of good kb should last you a few days (depending on who else is smoking on your tab) but an eigth of schwagg...maybe a day lol and a good way to measure an eigth is to spread it even on the bottom of a normal sized zip loc and and eigth is usually a finger and a half or 2 fingers deep
  13. BCEasy

    BCEasy Registered

    I bought an 1/8 (3.6g when weighed personally) on monday for $25. It was one big very dense nug. lasts me almost a week and I smoke a couple bowls every day.
  14. Killa.Kali

    Killa.Kali Registered+

    I wish i lived in BC :( i went to Vancouver in feb of this year for 2 days, I felt like the only place better was Amsterdam haha ppl just walkin up to me askin if i wanted some bud...GOD BLESS CANADIA!!!! and 25 an eigth is good prices :( i get half eigth for 25 (american though) but the only guy i buy through is a life long friend, he weighs most things for me about .5 over or if i buy a quarter he kicks down like 2-3 grams
  15. skarz

    skarz Registered+

    An 1/8th around here (in the midwest of the United States) costs us like 40-50 bucks for nugs... i here its cheap in like Missouri and places to the south though.
  16. Killa.Kali

    Killa.Kali Registered+

    a straight eigth of chron-dog will be $50 :) around my particular area we get more really quality buds, shit thats 75 an eigth but well worth it ;) 8th of Purple Kush run you about 75-80 but it will get you faded off your ass (if you can even handle it) with 2-3 hits ^.^
  17. uktobar

    uktobar Registered

    an eighth? for 75? shit. i live in vancouver and its always 10$/gram if im buying less than a 1/4 at a time. doesnt matter if its good or bad bud.
    the only downside is i never know if im geting good shit or not, but my guys have been good. you guys should come up here more often.

    but an eight for me lasts about a week for just personal use, although ive managed to smoke a quarter in two days, smoking with 1-3 people. good weekend.
  18. ForgetClassC

    ForgetClassC Registered+

    A quick refference I use is get the nuggs about all the same size, put it into a quart baggie, and it should be about 1 finger high. A 1/4 2 fingers, and so on.
  19. DOUGAL25

    DOUGAL25 Registered+

    I hope that within 4 years of the original post, this person has figured out what an 1/8 looks like....
  20. 2stoned2ride

    2stoned2ride Registered

    1/8 is usaly 45-70 (depending on weed and were you live) you can get alot of bowls dude, a dub for me is like 3 bowls

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