How much do you smoke?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by CaesarGirl, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. CaesarGirl

    CaesarGirl Registered

    I'm just curious what people consider a heavy user. Haven't really frequented boards like this before. Very cool to have like minded people to chat with. Used to do it only on weekends but I'd say I've been pretty well daily for awhile now. As far as total goes - I probably smoke half a joint when I get home from work each day. Nothing helps me unwind like a good puff.
  2. gee

    gee Registered+

    i smoke in the morning

    i smoke at lunch

    i smoke after school

    i smoke 1-2 times after that

    smoke before shower

    smoke before sleep.

    this is only like 2 grams because i mostly smoke bongs, but wen im smoking joints, i waste alot more weed. half a joint is not heavy at all. theres nothing wrong with unwinding with weed. wen i work in the summers, i dont get to smoke as much weed, but i know that when i get home, a nice joint will feel 100x better then normal.

    take care
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  3. CaesarGirl

    CaesarGirl Registered

    Cool. Thanks for the response. Anyone else? Would love to hear from some "older folks". I am early 30's.
  4. IntrepidS

    IntrepidS Registered+

    About 1.5 grams per day. for me it is important to be able to smoke after a large activity like school, work or after having completed a homework assignment.
  5. OniEhtRedrum781

    OniEhtRedrum781 Registered+

    I smoke anywhere from 1 gram to 3.5 grams a day, depending on a few factors..
  6. gee

    gee Registered+

    no problem. how was the weed when you were younger? has it changed?
  7. The X Man

    The X Man Registered+

    It's 17 x stronger then my high school days!!! I'm a 2 puff person every once and awhile for pain.
  8. xcrispi

    xcrispi Registered+

    1/8 to a 1/4 a day , depending on mood , pain level n daily activity .
    in my late 30's now . cough , cough , cough guess im a heavy user by some ppls. standards .
  9. ATrain

    ATrain Registered+

    1/2 ounce will usually last me 3-4 weeks. It really varies depending on what I'm doing (Mostly school and work).
  10. socialinjustice

    socialinjustice Registered+

    all day everyday. go through an 1/8th in about a week. maybe less if im the only one throwin down
  11. socialinjustice

    socialinjustice Registered+

    WOW. you need to find some better weed. how the hell do you support that habit. thats like 100 bucks a day
  12. Perp

    Perp Registered+

    The wife and I smoke about half an oz a week.
  13. Midnight Baker

    Midnight Baker Registered+

    Ideally whenever possible within reason. I'd like to have a bowl at least once a day and whenever theres a social event triple the intake
  14. xcrispi

    xcrispi Registered+

    100.00 a day ? :confused:
    hell it doesn't cost me a damn thing , i'm not giving up my hard earned coin for shitty weed when i know i can grow far better myself . part of the beauty of the hobby . :D WTF - habit ????? this is a lifestyle bro. ask LIP
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  15. hamburger_train

    hamburger_train Registered

    I'm easy 2 - 3.5g a day. At least a joint every 4-6 hours. If I'm in pain or discomfort at all an eighth'll last me a week. Otherwise, I'm an all day everyday.
    I've been smoking like this for quite sometime, so my 'motor performance' isn't hindered by my heavy consumption. Short-term memory though? I gave up on that long ago...
  16. Doyu

    Doyu Registered

    My wife and I (mostly me heh)go through about 1/4 per week...little more. Could be a lot more depending on how much we see friends that week. Might be a lot by some standards...I still work a pretty physically demanding job without feeling shitty but I started writing everything down a long time ago hehe.


    Everything I say is a lie or copied from another source and is purely for entertainment.
  17. farmerjz

    farmerjz Registered+

    wifey smoke bout half quad(3.5gr)a nite i smoke like a 20 bag she 32 im 35 but thats ok free smoke y not wouldnt u !!!
  18. 4gan2ja0

    4gan2ja0 Registered+

    how do you toke all day everyday but only go through an 1/8 in a week? i go through 1/4 in like 2 days
  19. rabbitslayer

    rabbitslayer Registered+

    Honestly at my normal usage I can make an eighth last 2 weeks... but I usually only smoke once a day and I keep my tolerance low... a snapper or two and I'm plenty high :thumbsup:

    There's definitely something to be said for keeping your tolerance low. Then again, if I could smoke 8x a day, I would... and then there's nothing I could do about it :stoned: :stoned: :stoned:
  20. farmerjz

    farmerjz Registered+

    he probly uses a pipe or bong so an 1/8 would be fine 4 him but u and i smoke joints so we use more u think LOL:smokin:

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