How much does water truly filter out?

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  1. lupacexi

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    Just wondering if the real advantage is cooling or if there is legitimate filtration from "smoke?"
  2. emilya

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    Smoke with your water pipe for a while and examine the water. Along with ash and debris settled at the bottom, you should notice that the water has taken on a darker color, and has acquired a very brackish smell and taste. We used to challenge people to drink that bong water... so I answer your question with this. The degree that the water is filtering your smoke, is exactly the same degree of trepidation you might have in drinking that water... both legit. And also, cooling has something to do with it too... I like to put ice cubes in my bong water.
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  3. Pupp

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    I was always under the impression that cooling the smoke down made for a more enjoyable session. I haven't come across any scholary articles that ever mentioned that bong water was doing any useful filtration.

    Of course the bong water will trap some smoke particulates, but not enough to be considered a filter.

    I did see a video of a guy that drank bong water on a dare or something. His face pretty much summed up the experience. It was pretty nasty.
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    I remember when we were kids we would put water/ice cubes and Jack Daniels in our bongs. Ahaha! Very interesting experience. But you definitely wouldn’t want to put anything flammable in there.
    We never had a mishap but I’m sure there’s some booze best left out of a bong and open flames.:Wacky:
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