how much grams can you make with one plant??

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by ccqm77, Apr 11, 2008.

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    How many grams can you get with just one plant??
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    Exactly 42.178 grams.........unless you get more or less then it might be higher.......or lower.......

    No, wait, I'm higher, I'll answer back when I'm lower........
  3. SnSstealth

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    56.981...unless you get less...
    or more.....

    EVERY harvest will be different...even if they are clones...go for an oz. a plantand you will be fine....
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    I "make" grams all the time.


  5. ccqm77

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    How Many grams?

    How much grams can you make with one plant or 10 plants?
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    one plant will get you 47.81 grams of plant......

    but seriously.......("stinky") how long is a piece of string? read the FAQ and other grow logs around here
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    please dont ask the same question in different threads. the answer will never be the same no matter who you ask, way too many variables. i suggest you read some grow logs around here and make a plan on what your trying to accomplish.......which sounds like your trying to get quantity over quality.....look at the higher yeilding strains.
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    How long is a piece of string?
    Only one thread per topic please, and try to put your threads in the correct forum so we don't have to waste time moving them around. Thanks.
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    how many grahams in a cracker, Stinky ? :D
  10. stinkyattic

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    Fewer than the number of fruit flies in a fig Newton.
  11. TheLower7

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    9 replies and........

    9 replies and none of them give a straight answer! Come on you guys this is sad! These types of forums are to spread the words of knowledge, not for cracking pointless jokes, giving half answers and them sending somebody on there own to search for an answer. Anyway,

    It depends on alot of factors, you will need fresh air exchange. So in/out fans are required most of the time. It depends on the size of your growspace and the size/type of your growlight! Remember that genetics in your seeds will make a difference too.

    Your Answer::thumbsup:

    A 4foot x 4foot grow area powered with a 400 watt metal halide light for veg and a 400 watt high pressure sodium light will fit 16 reg plants. Assuming the grow goes well, you should estimate to harvest 2-4 ozs (56-112 grams) per plant - at approx. 120 days after starting your plants!

    This includes:
    30 day seedling stage
    30 day veg stage
    60 day flowering stage

    If you do not want to wait that long to harvest you can skip the veg stage and put them into flowering right after the seedling stage. But this will reduce your final harvest weight by alot!

    Another option is to order a pack of Autoflowering seeds wich will finish 60 days after seed no matter the light cycle being 18on/6off.

    Our parents used to call them 60 day wonders!!!!!! You can estimate around 1oz per plant when growing these. The harvest is smaller but you can fit approx. 50 plants in a 4x4 grow area. Here are a couple strains that are autoflowering:

    Lowryder 2
    Short Stuff

    Due some research, you will find many others. is a great company! I recommend them to anyone!

    Hope this helps bro!:pimp:
  12. captaincola28g

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    You would wanna run 20/4 with auto's .Royal queen makes a mighty autoflower. They will get taller 2-3 feet but average over a ounce in 9 weeks.:thumbsup:
  13. Slevinkal

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    If frick and frack woulda read the thread they woulda seen answers and maybe even noticed the thread is 27 FREAKIN MONTHS OLD!!!
  14. TheLower7

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    Um, exscuse me! I did read the thread! what answer! "you should expect an oz per plant" Thats not a good answer!

    Yes this thread may be 27 months old! But, it still shows up in online search engines today so if the moderators don't want people posting on it, they should lock it!

    So far I am very umimpressed with this place, I am a member to many other growing forums, I have over 10 years of growing experience and I have been on medical marijuana since I was in middle school.

    This is not the way fellow growers should treat each other! We are like a big community! A giant community that has been forced to talk underground because the United States Government decided to punish us for walking around with ilegal smiles!

    So next time you want to criticize someone for giving a proper answer, why don't you go smoke a bowl and come back when your in a better mood

    The Lower 7

    And sorry but you are wrong, here is the lowryder offical growing instructions, the same basic rules are applied when dealing with any autoflowering plants

    Ideal Growing Methods

    When planted indoors, the Lowryder has the ability to grow very well in soil-less systems or in soil mixtures. For soil mixtures such as pots or beds, Lowryder can be cultivated from a mere seed into a bud for a span of only two months.

    Throughout this period, only 18 hours of light each day is recommended. This is due to the fact that switching the light cycles down to 12 hours runs the risk of diminishing yields and even shortening the plants life cycle even more.

    Since Lowryder’s life cycle is brief, cloning it is deemed as an impractical method - growing only the plant and not the seed. Hence, by default, the Lowryder is then regarded as a “sea of green’s greatest choice”.

    Due to the fact that the seedlings and even the flowering plants can be sustained in a similar room, the Lowryder showcases better possibilities for small up to medium ranged home growers. This even includes the so-called “staggering” of one’s indoor harvest. After which, a continuous system of harvest can be accomplished by periodically cultivating new plants that will replace the harvested ones.

    This will ensure that your so-called “grow room” is constantly full of fresh buds. Hence, maintaining this system of cultivation provides you with the convenience of evenly dividing your workload.

    In order to achieve the best results, place either a jiffy plant or pellet directly into a 1 up to 2-gallon pot. It is best to alternatively use peat pots that are about four inches in size. Once this is prepared, you can then place the rootbound females inside the assigned plant bed. Make sure that these rootbound females have already gone through the “sexing” phase for about 17 up to 20 days. As compared to the initial method, this actually produces smaller plants. Under this method also, 12 up to 24 hours of daily light are needed. However, studies show that it is best to make use of 18 hours each day. You can reduce it to 16 hours following the initial month, provided that there are no yields being lost.

    For those who will plant this outdoors, once you have finished soaking the plant, you can start by sowing it directly onto the soil. For this process, you can use 2 gallon plant beds or pots. It is also indicated that you can plant the Lowryder’s new stands until the latter part of the summer season. Similar to the factors affecting indoor harvest, doing the latter can also assure you a continuous supply of Lowryders. Aside from this, it is best to avoid making any transplants. You can only do this once the plants are diagnosed as rootbound. Thus, you can remove the Rouge males only during a three-week cycle.

    Factors that Affect its Growth

    Since the Lowryder is highly versatile, it has the capability to grow in basically any type of “grow environment” or climate. In fact, it can even set the regarded “envelope of growing” aside and mainly focus on harvest areas like the North West Territories, Finland and other short-seasoned, Northern or high altitude locations. Plus, it can adapt rather fairly to window sills, backyard gardens, and patios. This is primarily due to its relatively small feature that can conceal its real identity.

    Furthermore, nothing can compare to the quick maturation capability of the Lowryder! If other varieties are still going through the flowering phase, outdoor growers of Lowryders are, at the same time, basking their feet and benefitting from their harvests already.

    Its Amazing Characteristics

    The Lowryder has the ability to skip the stage of vegetative growth. It basically jumps from its seedling stage towards its flowering period in an instant. Studies also show that
    Lowryders have the shortest life cycle and height feature amongst the famous cannabis species.

    This is especially true with its male plants that showcase such attributes after approximately 17 up to 20 days. This is while its female counterparts show themselves only a few days after. Thus, these plants will then go through the flowering phase, provided that there is a continuous lighting system.

    Lowryder females can generate a height that is no taller than approximately 16 up to 20 inches. The typical height for these females would be about 12 up to 16 inches only. Pot size, light intensity and appropriate pH are factors that play a significant role in influencing the female Lowryder’s size during its maturity. This means that given the best conditions, these female Lowryders will generate a bigger yield for its growers. Since these plants produce a main cola, if they can only obtain adequate lighting, their lower nodes will profusely branch out.

    Moreover, its height and yield will depend on evident growth factors. A good example would be such plants that are only kept inside small-sized peat cups, which are then placed on a grower’s windowsill. Based from the factors mentioned above, this scenario will yield a mere 1 gram. Plus, the plant will grow only up to a maximum of 6 inches, having no branching features whatsoever. On the other hand, a plant placed inside a 4-gallon box and provided with high-intensity lighting, along with good methods of cultivation being put into practice, it can yield better results. It will yield a 45-gram, profusely branched, two-foot wide bud monster.

    With regards to the use of fertilizer, during the initial two-week period of growth, Lowryders need to be provided with a weekly dose of light feedings. This is actually a nutrient “grow” type solution, equipped with micronutrients. Thus, when these plants become a full flower, a “blooming regime” is necessary. This should start from week 4 up to week 6. Hence, biological amendments or root stimulators that are of the Mycorise-type have the ability to significantly enhance the plant’s growth.

    The Flowering Time Average

    Outdoors: ripens in approximately 60 days – This is subsequent to the sowing of the seeds.

    Indoors: 40 up to 45 days – This is following a seedling stage of 15 up to 20 days.

    As an important note, studies show that 100% of such plants actually showcase the so-called “auto-flowering” genotype.

    Its Average Height

    The average height of Lowryders is approximately 12 inches. Its minimum height would be approximately 5 inches while its maximum height would be 16 inches. Thus, this will really depend on the lighting and regarded slight phenotype variants.

    The Awaited Yield

    As mentioned, depending on the lighting and other significant factors, Lowryders can yield up to approximately 45 grams. In fact, there was even one situation where in a 96-gram yield was accomplished. However, this was achieved under a process called “hydroponics”.

    Hence, it is vital to understand that the yield is extremely and majorly dependent on the volume of light it obtains. If these plants are provided with less than the average conditions, they will remain extremely small. Even so, they can still create decent smoke outputs.

    Moreover, Lowryders’ buds are close-quartered and compact, as well as slightly variable and irregular in features. It also has a high leaf/bud ratio, which goes with its thick pistils that possesses a medium-sized, orange colored and individually classified calyxes. Although it has tendencies to become “top-heavy” when grown indoors, it is rather typical to find its budding sites starting very near the soil already.

    With regards to the result, you will get a “High” that feels uplifting, surprisingly strong and well-rounded. In fact, this is more appropriate for certain outdoor activities. Aside from this, the smoke emitted is described by many as smooth and equipped with an earthy, pleasant undertone. You will find its smell as not that overpowering and its flavor, quite unique and satisfying.


    There are so many requests for additional information about the Lowryder’s nutrient necessities. The factors affecting this would include the amount a grower can shell out in order to purchase these nutrient products.

    There are advanced nutrient products that can be bought on discounted rates. You can also adapt its formula for your own usage. These advanced nutrients actually provide a full program for sustaining a desired 8-week growth. It will also come packaged with a guide that will feature various growing mediums.

    Hence, for the initial two-week period, you can make use of the ones recommended for seedlings. After this, you can then shift to the Micro 2+ Light Feeding system. This is already for the entire life cycle of the Lowryder. There are those who actually skip weeks three and five in order to follow a six week program instead. This can be done right after the sexing of the LR’s.

    As a general rule, you need to treat these Lowryders similar to seedlings in the initial 2 up to 3 week time frame. Subsequent to this, you can shift to the so-called “light bloom program”. During the initial 2 weeks, you can feed them with a type of transplanting/seeding formula. After this, you can switch and use an N-P-K 1-2-1 or 5-10-5 ratio of bloom fertilizer. You can give this weekly during weeks 3 up to 6. For week 7, you only need to feed it with water that is pH-balanced.

    Thus, for those who practice organic methods, you can plant the Lowryder into an organic soil mixture and add Bat Guano into it.
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    I have done more strains of autoflower then most ppl it is my passion. Let me tell you somthing light is very important and yes lowryder will get by on 18/6. But i can say from experience 20/4 is the best cycle on average. When grown to max potential you can get autos to average at over one oz. but that comes with years of pratice. My results are achieved by using the best equipment and giving no less then 60 watts per sq ft. Also proper soil and nutes structured around the plants quick life cycle. if you do choose an auto strain feel free to ask . That what i am here for.:thumbsup:
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  16. Slevinkal

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    I thought this was a pretty good answer.

    Not only was it explained that there are way too many variable for a solid answer but he was also pointed in the right direction on where to learn more about growing and even given a heads up on which strains to select.

    And, all this was two posts before your 9 post and... comment.

    RAINHAZE Banned

    I agree, I been growing ak47 af lowryders for awhile now and I get great results with 20/4 myself. I also average over one oz per plant. When properly harvested and cured its got the sweetest taste. IMO.
    Glad to see your passionate about Lowryders captaincola28g. Me too these days.:thumbsup:
  18. MadSativa

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    Really those auto flowers go for 20/4 in flower too? this is kind of a shock to me I have no experience or know anyone with ruderals but even in flower? I find it hard to believe but do you have some pics?
  19. WashougalWonder

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    Then go back where you came from. Many people come here and are too damn lazy to look for answers that are easy to find. Lots of kids too young to be messing with this stuff, and then the commercial growers want advice too. So, just chill dude. You will be welcomed if you act nicely.

    Buy the way, I have 3 times your growing experience so don't come off like a richard cranium.
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    I read this and I cant help but thinking of the old "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop! Mr. owl?":D

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