How Much is 1 gram of white widow worth?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by GB4Lifemann, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Hunternora

    Hunternora Registered+

    Here in the Big Apple a gram of kush or white rhino goes for about 20ish. I got some diesel for 22 a week ago.
  2. whydoyoucare

    whydoyoucare Registered+

    damn, hearin all this shit makes me wanna move outa cali
  3. herostyle

    herostyle Registered+

    25 a g for that quality here.
  4. GB4Lifemann

    GB4Lifemann Registered

    btw just to let you know im not buying
  5. S.P.Q.R.

    S.P.Q.R. Registered+

  6. trem0lo

    trem0lo Registered+

    $20-$25/g here. Only because 1 gram of top quality goes a long way... and I know for certain that $25 gram is a top strain.
  7. 40oz

    40oz Registered+

    If I wanted to get real strain weed I could pay as much as $60-70 a gram. I don't know how anyone else is getting that much less unless they live in amsterdam or a friends with growers.
  8. OniEhtRedrum781

    OniEhtRedrum781 Registered+

    I always pay $10 for a gram, no matter what strain... so i dunno
  9. Arklenao2

    Arklenao2 Registered+

    i wouldnt spend 60 on a gram if someone was holding a knife to my throat
  10. OzzyOz

    OzzyOz Registered+

    $15-20 here in cali.

    maybe $10 if it's a true homie, but normally $15 from a good connect or $20 from a normal connect.
  11. 40oz

    40oz Registered+

    So you guys can get $10 a gram of white widow from just any street dealer?
  12. OniEhtRedrum781

    OniEhtRedrum781 Registered+

    No, but when someone does have WW, I get it $10 a gram, just like any other kind of weed...
  13. 40oz

    40oz Registered+

    are you buying from someone who gets it in bulk or something?
  14. konqrr

    konqrr Registered+

    No, hes from Canada;) . Bud is like two times cheaper there, which is why Im going there ASAP!!!
  15. KottonMouthKid

    KottonMouthKid Registered+

    meaning, if you are in the U.S...?

    canadian prices i've found are about 1/2 of US prices
  16. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+

    I got offered what was apparently white widow for $600 an OZ. It looked like headies but fuck that shit. I gotta get out of here, too many dumb weed smokers that are willing to pay that price.
  17. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    Did I read that right? I'm pretty sure a gram of blow is cheaper than that and anyone paying that much for a gram of weed, is dumb.
  18. sL1Ck

    sL1Ck Registered+

    there is really a division of smokers
    I have friends that are both types so i can tell the difference
    there is the one type that only smokes regs, but they can pack bowl after bowl of it because they just enjoy smoking
    then there is the type that is willing to pay 50+ for an eight and get stoned as hell off of one bowl
    I use to be the first type, but i started smoking purps and now i cant go back.... i am telling you right now for those who dont smoke good weed, the good stuff is like a whole different drug. Again though, its a preference thing, but for me, i love it when i cant feel my face :Rasta:
  19. 40oz

    40oz Registered+

    I never bought it, i was just saying if someone came into my home town with a rare strain like white widow it would be expensive. In my area i've always known the weed heirarchy as so:

    schawg- ?
    middies- $20 1/8
    nug- $35-45 1/8
    Headies- $45-60 1/8
    Strain- Varies but i have heard of people trying to sell for $60 a gram.

    maybe the nug or headies could be strain but i've never known the name.
  20. TheSmokingMonkey

    TheSmokingMonkey Registered+

    I just paid $30 for 1/16 of (alleged) AK-47 so that works out to approximately $20/g.

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