How much is $100 bucks worth?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by JoshSmokesDope, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. MDFinest

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    so true.. no quality bud on this earth is worth more than $10/g IMO but its all about who you know. Around here 100 would get you 5.5 grams maybe 6. Nobody is going to look out for you when they can sell $20
    .8's. A quarter is generally at least 120 even though I do know a person with them for 100 but it's a good ride to meet him. If you can try to get a quarter though.
  2. Slevinkal

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    I pay $60 for a zip around here and have gotten an qp for $175 recently...

    Ya, it's low qual but I pretty much keep my mouth shut around everyone except peeps I reaaaaaalllly trust so that all I can find. Hell, thats all that I've ever had is some low q swag. I dont think I've ever smoked anything that has a legitimate name LOL

    Im waitin for my babies to grow all the way up, even though its a bagseed grow its prob gonna be the best I've ever gotten ahold of :D i hope anyways...
  3. gypski

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    Makes a person question the millions the cartels are making at that price. You sure will be surprised when you turn your bag seed into the finest gold. The first grow just gets the juices flowing for subsequent ones in my opinion. I'll never quit as long as I have a place to grow. And everyday is a learning experience. I'm just now reading a 20 year old book but its still relevant. Marijuana Botany, RC Clarke Be safe and enjoy! :D
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    bout the same here

    hash goes for 140, headies go for 120, beaster go from 70-100, mids range from 35-50.....all this is for quarters by the way in my opinion if you buy anything less than a quarter your wasting your doe anyway. If your a true smoke then you obviously know your gonna get more the ya have to factor in more gas and your time to get it so me personally will never buy anything less than a Q of dank and seeing as how the mids have been really good as of late (finallllllly)!!!! i've been buy it by the ounce seeing as you really start to save money when purchasing more weight......Good Toking:hippy:
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    Oh my god! I only read the first five posts or so, but you guys are getting majorly ripped off

    The reality is that pot goes for ten bucks a gram, give or take. So an eighth for 50 dollars isn't even a good deal, let alone 60. Five grams for 100 dollars? LOL try ten, or more if its not good pot. Dealers can sell for 10/g all day and still double their money...If they don't smoke it all first.

    I've had shitty deals before, I've been there. I used to pay 60 dollars for three grams in high school, so the middle man could take ten dollars and a half gram for his trouble, because I didn't know what an eighth was. Glad those days are over

    Ten bucks a gram is standard even for good pot, unless you're buying from a stranger. And even then...He must not like you
  6. Dippers

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    I'd say about 5-6 grams where I live for $100 bucks.
  7. moneybeatssoul

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    $100 = 5 to 7 grams of some really good shit in my town
  8. marijuanavillebilly

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    It's nice to live In the pot production Capitol of USA. :jointsmile:
  9. Kass

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    First, here in Maryland street dealers, I get pay 50 for an eighth, or 40 for an eighth with a closer dealer, they're both mid range I Believe, it's 80 or 90 for a quarter, so for 100 you should probably be getting a quarter and a gram at least, good luck with it:rastasmoker:
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    This thread is 7 years old, but the lesson still applies.

    When I was buying my meds, an A+ Oz. was $400.
    That was every month. That's almost $5,000 per year up in smoke.

    And it was recreational then.
    For cancer remission an oz. only yields 3 grams of RSO.
    Roughy $130 per gram!

    Hmmm, FFOF is about $20 per bag. Sunlight is free and so is rain water.
    So, dirt cheap meds!
    That's a no-brainer, yah?

    Wee 'zard

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