How much is weed in amsterdam?

Discussion in 'Netherlands' started by FullyBaked88, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. FullyBaked88

    FullyBaked88 Registered

    Just wanna know how much i should plan to spend
  2. Snsie

    Snsie Registered

    Between 5 and 10 Euro's p/gram
  3. MooMoo112

    MooMoo112 Registered

    when you going ??
  4. Dampkring

    Dampkring Registered

    For how long are you staying ?
  5. Xhoshi

    Xhoshi Registered+

    ten euros is what u can expect for a gram. just dont bring anything back.
    those airport security guys are prudes...with their submachine guns and uniforms. they may end up checking ur ass for w/e.
  6. Dampkring

    Dampkring Registered

    You should check out coffeeshop Tweede kamer
  7. INRI

    INRI Registered

    @Xhoshi: How do u know that? Have u already been there?

    The most expensive one´s, like Super Silver Haze or Jack Herer cost up to 13€. But Super Skunk or Orange Bud costs just abou 6-7€.

    U should also try some Hash. It´s often quite cheap there and there´s notin that can be compared to that qualitiy...
  8. Andrew Nguyen

    Andrew Nguyen Registered+

    Hmm. I'm going to Amsterdam next year. I can't fucking wait.
  9. amberler

    amberler Registered+

    It's expensive :(
  10. dankman

    dankman Registered+

    im going next summer for a week and i am fucking amped im think about bringin like 300 dollars for weed
  11. wannabehippiegirl

    wannabehippiegirl Registered+

    im (maybe) going next summer too!!!
    drive from belgium to amsterdam
  12. psteve

    psteve Registered+

    Between 5 and 20 euros per gram. You can find better deals if you shop around.
  13. jakenthegentiles

    jakenthegentiles Registered+

    when i go for the cup man i wanna bring like 1500 for bud man
  14. Hollandica

    Hollandica Registered+

    I hope you'll live to smoke all that up
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  15. FlyByNite

    FlyByNite Registered+

    There are several recent menus HERE.

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  16. psteve

    psteve Registered+

    Nice first post! Welcome to!!!
  17. yts ganja farmer

    yts ganja farmer Registered

    i recently came back from dam, catch the train from dam central station to utrecth it will cost 4euros,it wil take 45minutes,:Rasta: once in utrecth all the weed is much cheaper than dam somtimes half the price. amsterdam is mainly 4tourists now dood. happy hunting
  18. Land of Drought

    Land of Drought Registered+

    I have too agree the Dam is Expensive (These Days) but still worth it considering there a smoking Ban
    Next Year,,ur better off going now as it wont be like it was ten years ago after next year
    i dont reckon.. Im having a swan song on Oct then i dont reckon ill be going back im sad too say, A Vet of over ten trips to the Dam i dont think there'l be any chance of any atmosphere im afraid. Current prices are the worst theyve ever been. when i first visted
    Amsterdam when i was 19 it was class. Hard too follow, Coffee Shops Openly sold Ozs at great prices now ever were u go its a gram at 15 maybe ten euro well in amsterdam central
    you can pick up some nice shit for 7 too 10 euro but you have too visit more than the Bulldog and the Green House to get these prices. I was over in April and the reason for the Oct Visit as said above is probly a good bye for me....My trip in Oct is a solo project as ive always went with the wife or brother or mates so this time im getting Blizzed my Way lol...Well Amsterdam ant what it was ten years ago but if you have been there get there before next july otherwise itll be a shadow of its self next year...Also recent news is the mUSHROOM gALLERY HAS BEEN CLOSED DOWN DUE TO DRYED MUSHROOMS BEING FOUND IN THE SHOP SO IF ITS REOPEN'D SOME ONE LET ME

    Well Is it worth it you bet ur ass it is ....Considering the changes which have been very noticeable for some one like me who first visited the place nearly 13 years ago ,,you
    bet it is its sad that the law turned against beer in shops which i can handle but smoking bans are a real deaths bell for old Amsterdam......

    Peace Drought.........Long live Amsterdam..........
  19. BlueDevil

    BlueDevil Registered+

    Wait, what? There's a smoking ban going into effect next summer? Total ban, or just smoking in public? Are shops closing? Is it confined to Amsterdam?


    I've been to the dam once when I was 13, so no joy then obviously. I really want to go back, either solo or with some friends, just having a hard scheduling it - so much going on this year.

    Is there a consensus on best city to visit to party other than Amsterdam? I'm looking to visit and sightsee for at least 5 or 6 days.
  20. Land of Drought

    Land of Drought Registered+

    Indeed Devil Its sounds like next July by what the Mayor off Amtserdam says it'll
    include coffee shops. There was talk off the shops getting the staff to sign wavers
    against any future Insurance claims if the workers get lung cancer in years too come but
    i think The mayor has rubbished this talk and is saying that all public bars coffees shops
    will have to abide by the Rules like everyone else....Sad shit

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