How much is weed in amsterdam?

Discussion in 'Netherlands' started by FullyBaked88, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. psteve

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    One word...

    If the shops have vaporizers, and space cakes, they should be able to stay open.
  2. Land of Drought

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    You see thats all ready under attack eating weed i mean,,The Coffee shops are under preasure too ditch this side of things..As for Vap's man thats ok if ur a medical smoker fair play ,,,but come on no Spliffs in Amsterdam Coffee shops ??/.. Naw sorry not for me im sure they'll still sell weed some dig ones will have space to have outdoor areas but small places like the Rokery's for e,g thley suffer the shops are tiny as is imagine trying to build a seperate smoking rooms Rats in a box Tourists could come up and take your pic
    Like a condemed man s last tokes being filmed for the time capsules ,,,,,I hear you Steve
    but Def not for me. The whole thing of wanting to go those years ago was for the very freedom of being able too Its a freedom ive come too expect and respect never in some 11 visits have i had too talk too a cop or more importantly he hasnt had reason too talk too me..
    Sure smoking in the street isnt fine and dandy either,,,i know in most cases your grand but cops can take ur weed of you in the street if they hand flip it down the Drain,,
    The whole price increases over the past decade far exced Inflation Man Nearly double the price in Amsterdam,,,its realy a buy a spliff take a photo and now fk off with urself
    the days of lobbing in a shop for a couple of hours smoking varying strains while OD on Coffee must now be under serious treat is all i say....

    Vaps Sure if id a lung complant,,,lolololll,, Seriously do Naw Thanks

  3. BlueDevil

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    Ok, so being an initiative from the mayor of Amsterdam, am I correct in presuming that cities like Maastrecht (sp?) are not subject to this?

    Man, I bet those coffee shop owners are pissed! Is it like a 1 year moratorium, or will the cannabis culture there be changed for good?

    Can't say I'm surprised honestly, living in a tourist town can get old fast for the locals. I know all about that.
  4. Land of Drought

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    I see your Think'in Blue. However the Smoking ban will be a country wide Deal so no
    town/city could be albe to bypass the law (Country Wide).There's a public smoking ban here in Ireland however thats country wide too, so the Dutch problem will be the same as here.
    No smoking in bars /Coffee shops any public areaas except parks and the like.....
    Id say the coffee shop owners are piss'd but it does show too some extent what ur talking
    about tourists towns do become tired for those that live there....

    Im sure dealing in the sense will still go on but being holed up in your hotel room for a couple of days ant enjoying the palce i dont think esp if you go with your wife/partner......

    like i say there will be folk saying fk it vap it or whatever the excuse but this is a bad
    deal for the thousands of folk who travel there each year for a slice off freedom...Shitty

  5. FlyByNite

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    Thank you. I hope to be informative. Once I figure out how to do an avatar and a signature file, I'll link to Coffeeshop Frog Hollow, my Amsterdam and cannabis related website. ( Hint : Google coffeeshop frog hollow )

    The smoking ban in Amsterdam is for tobacco, but it's being interpreted as "smoke". The shops can get around it by having the budtender in a booth so they aren't subject to the second hand smoke. In shops like Old Church you'll just have to go upstairs to smoke. ,The coffeeshop scene has undergone dramatic changes recently. At worst they will become buy and fly, some are hardly more than that now anyway. I believe I will still be able to sit on a bench along a quiet canal or sprawl on the grass in Vondelpark and toke for many years.

    My favorite menus are the Classics in guilders. The switch from guilder to euro did bad for the aura or ambiance of Amsterdam all around. I do usually get three or four new ones every month. When I post a new one, I move the old one to classics, that way folks can track a shop's strains and prices over a couple years.

    If the admins don't mind, I haven't read all the forum rules yet, I'll add you guys to my Whos In Town page.

    Well, I guess instead of rambling I should do some rules reading.

  6. L Rag

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    Haha I thought you meant how much weed there was altogether in Amsterdam... Damn... Anyone got any ideas?
  7. FlyByNite

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    No more than 600 grams per coffeeshop. LOL

  8. BlueDevil

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    Grrrrrrr... I was afraid you'd say something to that effect. That mayor, pardon my Irish, is a feggin gobshyte!

    So uh, how's the herb out in Eire anyway? Didn't see any when I was in Clare years ago (go figure), but you guys have better beer so maybe just out of scorn I'll spend my Euros there? :smokin:

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