How much light do i need for an 8x4ft s.o.g!

Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by FLGuerilla, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. FLGuerilla

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    I have an 8x4 ft flood and drain table. Should I use 3-600w hps or two? How much light is sufficient to "produce". Thanks.:smokin:
  2. redline

    redline Registered+

    Two will work if on light movers. Best moving in opposite directions.
    Of course 3 is better.
  3. FLGuerilla

    FLGuerilla Registered


    light movers? sounds good, i suppose 3 will be max, due to heat right, but you can pull it off with 2? thanks
  4. redline

    redline Registered+

    2-600 watters will give you 37.5 watts per square foot,which is a little on the low side but doable under the right conditions:

    1. Scrog grow

    2. Go with a narrow air cooled hood that projects a rectangle pattern instead of square.

    3. Use 6 foot light movers with the lights starting out at opposite ends of the grow. By using light movers and air cooling you can put the lights as close as 6 inches to the top of the grow.
  5. JeffersonBud

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    I am using a SOG method in a 8x 4 area. I have 2 600w hps and 1 400w hps in the middle all being cooled by a 6 inch fan. My temps stay at 82 degrees and I am using Co2. with 1600 watts total I can produce 1600 grams per grow (or 800 grams per month).
  6. FLGuerilla

    FLGuerilla Registered

    Awesome set-up, ideally with 3-600w hps I want to try for like 7-8 lbs. Kinda ambitious, but my bud is experienced as hell and pulls up to 9lbs with his. Are you using pots, If so how many? What strain? So on... Im interested, because your still pulling weight with yours. 1600 grams is great!
  7. intruder

    intruder Registered

    can I have some details on your setup I have some questions about expense of the setup and running it,
    and 2lbs a month is what I would like be at how much time do you put in it every week clones cleaning etc

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