How Much Light Should You Give a Seedling?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by ItsDaGangaaaa, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. ItsDaGangaaaa

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    ok, i have 3 seedlings right now that just sprouted, they are all about a half inch tall. How much light is recomended for healthy strong growth? Its been about a day now and i have my cfls goin 24 hours what shud i do?:wtf:
  2. Dutch Pimp

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    The CFL's will be enough light for the first 3-4 weeks.
  3. ItsDaGangaaaa

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    dam i mean like how many hours a day for seedlings?:wtf:
  4. cigarettes42

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    hours is growers preference for vegetative stage. you can run keep em on 24 hours or 18hrs light and 6hrs dark. its your choice. when you flower its 12/12. my preference is leave em on 24 hours a day on cfl and 18/6 when i use a mh
  5. ItsDaGangaaaa

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    aright yea im runnin on 2 twirly cfls 24 hrs a day i think after about the first week or so i will put them under 18 hrs a day still cfl because thats all i have is this wrong? wen shud i start 18/6?:smokin:
  6. cigarettes42

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    you can do 18/6 when ever you want. you can even have that light regiment starting seedlings. it is only highly recommended to keep clones under 24hours, but 18/6 will do too. myself i was using 24 hours with my mh with bigger plants but now im going to switch to 18/6 cause my electric bill is getting really high. but when i use my t5 at start of seedlings or clones i will use 24hrs cause t5 take less electric. just remember

    vegetative stage : 24 hours or 18/6 - whatever your preference is. some people say there is no noticeable growth either way and some say there is faster growth with 24 hrs cycle.

    Flowering Stage : 12/12 - you only use that light cycle when you want to start to flower. mostly done when the plant reaches atleast a foot tall but will get a better yeild if wait till you see pre-flowers

    ** just dont keep switching back and forth from 24 to 18/6 and so on. it will cause light stress causing it to herm.
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  7. ItsDaGangaaaa

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    alrighty then thanks 4 the info. :thumbsup: i think im gonna keep um on 24 hrs 4 the first week then turn um to 18/6 until they get big enough, i got 3 of them growin very nicely, i just dont have the room for them to get big enough i have to either think of something, or give them to a friend, but i want to keep them, they are like my babys lol i need to think of something and hopefully i will. wish me luck!:D
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    A plant sleeping is always so cool to see.

    I go outside to the garden in the dark of night... it's a trip to see the whole garden sleeping.

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