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  1. Mr. Mary Jane

    Mr. Mary Jane Registered+

    i just need to know how much weed do you need to have on you in order to get charged/arrested??

    and is there an age limit??
  2. Stedric

    Stedric Registered+

    Well your from Toronto so I'm guessing you mean in Canada.

    30 grams I believe is the limit, they will confiscate it from you and might give you a ticket but you won't be arrested. Don't quote me on this however as it may well have changed since I last checked.
  3. Epic

    Epic Registered+

    What the fuck...
  4. Lurker

    Lurker Registered+

    you could get life imprisonment w/o bail if they caught you with 500grams here.. it sux! i live in the philippines
  5. HeLTeR.SKeLTeR

    HeLTeR.SKeLTeR Registered+

    you lucky people, where I"m from if the police catches you with 1 gram they would probably beat you up and make you eat the weed, I'm not kidding.

    thats why I always say FUCK THE POLICE!
  6. Kid Dynamite

    Kid Dynamite Registered+

    helter skelter where do you live?

    also have u read the book helter skelter yeh? quality stuff.
  7. Mr. Mary Jane

    Mr. Mary Jane Registered+

    so does anyone know for sure????....and whats the age limit??????????????????????????????????????????
  8. juggalo420

    juggalo420 Registered+

    i got caught with only half a gram and i have a court appearance for it, but im from america which is living in the dark ages when it comes to drug laws, canada might be more lenient, check out they have a section that covers pot laws in different countrys and states.
  9. Kombucha

    Kombucha Registered+

    It's fucked up to charge people with possession unless it's in really large amounts. People should be allowed to do what they want, if they hurt themselves it's not anyone else's problem. My local paper recently reported proudly that an undercover policeman made friends with a drug user, then after about a month of pestering him persuaded him to sell him a few mg of coke. Then arrested him. Apparently that's a great result.
  10. tokinsmoke

    tokinsmoke Registered+

    where i live its 14 grams and its a fellony.....
    if its less u just get a
    simple possesion charge,,,,,,

  11. Buck268

    Buck268 Registered+

    That is incredibly fucked up; ever happens to me that cop best get into the witness protection program ASAP :mad:
  12. SLiC112

    SLiC112 Registered+

    where i'm from ... these motherfuckas will put you up against a wall or anything, and start poundin on you till you on the floor... then take the weed and burn the weed while still in the bag so you could see it burn...
  13. ermitonto

    ermitonto Banned

    Well, in answer to the name of the thread, no weed is legal, anywhere, by international treaty. It is tolerated to differing degrees in certain places like Holland, Vancouver and Nimbin (a little town in Australia), but technically what is going on is that it is still illegal but the law is only applied under certain circumstances and ignored in others.

    The laws differ from place to place. Here in New York state, if you're caught with any amount of weed at all you could very well find yourself in legal trouble, but small possession charges won't get you arrested. Of course there is no age limit for weed. The law may apply differently for minors and adults, but the law's the law and it isn't tolerated at any age. The only place I know of that has a legally set age limit for weed is the Netherlands, where you have to be 18 to buy it.

    But none of this should matter if you're careful and don't get caught. It's really not that hard to do, just don't get high anywhere an authority figure might be able to find you, and always prepare for a worst-case scenario wherever you smoke.
  14. llamaman666

    llamaman666 Registered+

    In alaska it is completely legal to have 4 oz or less.
    you can grow, only legal way to acquire it.
  15. the12evised

    the12evised Registered

    To the guy who said he was unlucky becuz the cops would beat him up and make him eat the weed..

    your lucky, at least you don't have to watch them smoke it, or toss it, ANNNND, they just get you high after they beat your ass :p
  16. Bman719

    Bman719 Registered+

    Shit man, at least you get to ingest the weed somehow.. i'd rather get beat up and have to eat my weed than get a possession charge and get it confinscated... but that's just me :D

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