how much molasses should I put in my shit

Discussion in 'Southern California' started by jiggsaw, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. jiggsaw

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    yo tell mehow much? I need to make the fire and tell me when.
  2. painretreat

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  3. kmorcmor

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    we live and learn

    My answer is NONE, but you'll have to try. Molasses is sweet sugar syrup and is a strong insect atractant. Outdoors, forget it. indoors, 1 thrip or whitfly can produce hundreds of crawly, hungry little worms in your nutrients. By all means try it though.
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  4. jiggsaw

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    thanks for the advice I got tiger bloom and i'll just use that this round.
  5. Leonardo de Garden

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    A teaspoon per gallon or so, it doesn't take much. It helps feed the microbuddies that help the plant take up nutrients.
  6. drudown11

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    this information is partially incorrect, molasses is great for plants. People have been using it for years in organic gardening as a bloom booster. Ive been using it for years and never had insect problems caused by using molasses.

    And to answer the jiggsaw's question, i wouldn't pour any molasses on my shit, it just seems like a waste of money. I don't know about you but i shit in a toilet, and never put anything on my shit before flushing.

    And for making your shit fire, I suggest going to the nearest Buffallo Wild Wings and Ordering the Spiciest Wings you can............ every time i do that, my shit sure seems like fire. Ohh yeah and when should you do this? asap, wings are the "shit" bro!
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    what can I say but that my comment is based on a small sampling- myself and my 2 friends that saw posts about using this stuff for carb stacking and microculture. mine was the saddest because of the potential of my grow and the loss I experienced. I'ts a long story.
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  8. kmorcmor

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    And This guy should take a stroll around my collective's farmer's market so he could understand what the word "medicine" means. Lots of folks in tough situations dealing with pain and suffering- smiling, mingling, up and around.
  9. jiggsaw

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    I wanna see that farmer's market full of green. I poured a whole jar of molasses in my shit and said the juju prayer hope it works, it stained my toilet. But I didn't add molasses to my plants. Didn't want to add too many things and hurt the plants. The tiger bloom helped the plant is so fat she fell over. I had to tie it up.
  10. drudown11

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    just seemed like a half ass question.... to be completely honest. The way you worded everything made me picture a 19 year old kid who just got his card who thinks its badass to grow bud(mostly tell people you grow bud) but really has no interest in horticulture and biology. I know too many of these types of kids, and i get annoyed. You can't fix stupid.

    I apologize if you actually have a desire to learn and a compassion for marijuana. I have a tendancy to be an asshole.
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  11. jiggsaw

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    Judgmental much ? I'm seeing more and more of this, judgmental self righteous people .
  12. jiggsaw

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    None is the answer if anybody was looking for this topic. I grew a fat healthy plant without molasses and you can too.
  13. raymont

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    Read up on Bootstrap molasses. It is used as a carb feed . Can be a pain. There are several types but bootstrap is the keyword here.
  14. Kevin_00

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    I generally do not use molasses with an indoor grow and use plain brown sugar its dry and can be worked into the soil and then water,,or if you can use a fruit flavored carbohydrate hand load either for soil or hydro,,Advance Nutrients, Botanicare
    make some good carbo loads..Kevin G
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  15. Kevin_00

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    Co2 For Plants

    Basically if you live above the Sacramento area you can open the widows for Co2 and city with the smog you may wish to invest in Co2 for flowering stage:):thumbsup:
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