How much money can I make if I buy a QP for 220.

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Sweeney, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Sweeney

    Sweeney Registered+

    Low mids, but people buy that shit up quick round here. So if I sell regular prices 25 a quarter. How much do you think I could make, and whats some tips for starting off?
  2. moka88

    moka88 Registered+

    dont broadcast your selling on tha net?
    and use a calculator :)

    gd luck :thumbsup:
  3. yankeesgirl83

    yankeesgirl83 Registered+

    4 oz in a quarter pound
    4 quarters in 1 oz
    comes out to 16 quarters

    16 x $25 = $400
    $400- $220 = $180 profit

    p.s. i'm not condoning talk of sales on the boards, instead i'm promoting use of basic elementary school math :) lol seriously that was easy math you shoulda been able to figure that out
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  4. RedLocks

    RedLocks Registered+

    sell ounces, less chance for ya to smoke up your stock lol
  5. TallulahGreen

    TallulahGreen Registered+

    If you don't know you shouldn't be doing it. Thats all I gotta say.
  6. Sweeney

    Sweeney Registered+

    I know how everything I need to know trust me, i'm just stoned and didn't want to do math.
  7. mattmao

    mattmao Registered+

    if you couldnt work out the math,forget the dealing game,and the less people who know the better not the www!! think about it!!!
  8. Its a Plant

    Its a Plant - - Moderator - - sure about that?
  9. JaggedEdge

    JaggedEdge Registered+

    LMAO, I like you. :thumbsup:

    I agree with everyone else though, just don't sell.
  10. HeallyRi

    HeallyRi Registered+

    how bout growing then? lol
  11. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    This thread is off to a silly start.
    Seriously, if you have to ask on a forum, don't quit your day job.
  12. ThatTexasTip

    ThatTexasTip Registered+

    round here we sell 30 quarters,but we only fuck around wit half and up,less traffic and in the long run u make more money sellin weight.
  13. NextLineIsMine

    NextLineIsMine Registered+

    if your going to do it just sell yo your good friends and no one else. If anyone asks for a front dont give it because its almost guarenteed to disappear. By the way dont bother trying it aint worth the sketchness
  14. GHoSToKeR

    GHoSToKeR Registered+

    Lol :D

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