How much soil?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Transition Force, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. Transition Force

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    How much soil/how big of a pot do you need to grow a cannabis plant?
  2. Dutch Pimp

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    If you got room, bigger is better. I started flowering in 10 inch pots, after starting with 4 inch for seedings, then transplanted to 6 inch, then 8 inch. Most people don't like transplanting that much, but I do. I like too see what's going on down below. I used a root stimulator after each transplant, never loss a single fan leaf on 13 plants. Also, I trimed the feeder roots back on the final transplant and sliced thru the root ball with a sharp knife. Nerve racking, but they were not root bound at harvest.....5 feet tall.
  3. qdavid

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    The bigger, the better....Uh, that's what she said. No, but really. It's true. I almost bought 9" cause I was thinking I had 27" wide for 3 plants but bought 8". Good thing I did cause it turns out I only have 26" to work with. Bottom line; the bigger, the better.
  4. Newb1stTime

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    I think the general rule is 1 gallon of soil for every foot of growth.
  5. betterhomesandgarden

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    Outdoor you can use bigger, but indoors you should never use a bigger pot then the 1 foot - 1 gallon ratio.


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