How much $ to Amsterdam?

Discussion in 'Travel & Adventure Room' started by Plastic Jesus, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Plastic Jesus

    Plastic Jesus Registered+

    How much money for a long weekend to Amsterdam? Say 2 people, flight room and board.. maybe a Hostile with hot chicks everywhere.. no wait a tic... Anybody been recently? How much did you blow/burn? (Include spending money...)
  2. Plastic Jesus

    Plastic Jesus Registered+

    ....nobody has been to the Mecca?
  3. Sweeney

    Sweeney Registered+

    I wish I could help ya brah. It's a nice dream of mine to go one day.
  4. harris7

    harris7 Registered+

    it is cheaper to come to vancouver, and we gots a nice dope scene
  5. Mean Green Charlene

    Mean Green Charlene Registered+

    Yeah if you're going all the way to Amsterdam just for the bud..go to Canada I'd say. But if you're going to Holland to visit the different countries because they're beautiful, well thats another story :eek:
  6. Antihero867

    Antihero867 Registered+

    go to i was just searchin this shit a minute ago. from tampa to amsterdam its about 1500 round trip w/ hotel.

    MOBABN Registered+

    yea weekends are gonna fall around 1500-1800 depending how crazy ya get
  8. Daveracer

    Daveracer Registered+

    $1500 isn't THAT bad.
  9. Daveracer

    Daveracer Registered+

    I actually just looked up on Travelocity. Boston to Amsterdam, including hotel for a week is $1001. Tempting. :D
  10. MacWQ33

    MacWQ33 Registered+

    Wow...hmmm...tempting indeed!
  11. benagain

    benagain Registered+

    Now are these prices round-trip tickets? I would like to visit the 'dam, but I don't want to live there forever.
    I loves me some weed, but I think that if I had that kind of money to throw down on a vacation, I'm getting on a boat for the bahamas :thumbsup:
  12. Daveracer

    Daveracer Registered+

    The one i looked up was round-trip for 1 person.
  13. Daveracer

    Daveracer Registered+

    Figure like $500 for weed and another $500 for other expenses, $2000 is a deal!
  14. benagain

    benagain Registered+

    ok, I thought it was something like that. 1k seemed really damn cheap for 2 people round trip.
  15. robert42

    robert42 Registered+

    i cant help u i only knowe the prices for UK but a hostel is about $20 a night,

    the flights will cost u the most

    they only cost me £40 return lol
  16. Plastic Jesus

    Plastic Jesus Registered+

    Sweet. Good info guys thanks!

    Harris: What has Vancouver got to offer? Any kick ass festivals or anything? My dream trip to Amsterdam would have to include a day of MotoGP racing at the Holland Grand Prix! Go Nicky Hayden!!!
  17. Podge_Boro

    Podge_Boro Registered+

    its alot cheaper from england, but thats onvious cos were closer
    for 5 of us, me and some friends
    its goin to be £293 for a return and a hotel for a week

    but a week i will need alot of spending money
  18. DryGuy420

    DryGuy420 Registered

    I was there in Nov of 06. I cant give ya a for sure on plane tickets as when i went last i was living in England and it cost me abot $200 for the plane ticket (about 98 brittish pounds)through easyjet. Depending on how long you are gonna be there you will need about 100-150 euro for bud for 3-4 days,hotel will cost ya about 45-50 euro a night if you go to a hostel and get a double room. I found the most expensive part of my trips were the drinks,a mini can of coke will run you up to 5 euro at some places. It is cheaper to drink beer in most the coffee shops than it is to get a bottle of water. Bud isnt that expensive if you go to some of the smaller coffee shops,but you could get sucked into trying all the extremely high end places with the high end bud. Ill tell you though i have hit thoes places where you pay 30 euro for 1.5 grams of bud and honestly it wasnt all that. You can get widow at most places and that will take care of you right or check my other post below to get the location of Feels Good for some of whatever the hell BGW is,that is cheaper and FAR stronger than anything i have smoked before. Hope you make it there friend,it used to be my 2nd home and i wish i could go back but now were stuck back here in america for a few years but im hoping to be there for good in the next 5-6 years. But a visit in the next year is what im lookin for :)

    Take it light
  19. FlyByNite

    FlyByNite Registered+

    November 2007 airfare

    I just booked two round trip airfares IAD ( Washington DC Dulles Airport ) to AMS ( Amsterdam Schiphol Airport ), direct flights both ways, $609.05 a seat. That is total cost, not base fare that taxes and fees get added to.
    After March 31st the fares go up a couple to several hundred dollars.
  20. Godzilla123

    Godzilla123 Registered

    we spent following for a week stay (per head). I live in Italy and traveled with a friend.

    Hotel: 340 Euro (but for next time we know a cheaper place for about 200 euro or so)
    Weed/Hash: 100 Euro (and we smoked a LOT, at least 10 gms of weed and 5 gms of hash)
    Food/drinks: 50 Euro

    On my next trip to A'dam, I intend to have a spending target of max 200-250 Euro for a 3 day weekend smoking trip.

    If you intend to visit the red-light area and try some of the "attractions" there, then plan to spend anything between 50-500 Euro per day depending on your tastes. My roommate went broke there, so be careful ;-)

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