How much urine is needed?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Freeml, Apr 23, 2012.

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    Hey. First time poster. I have an employment drug test in 2 days. I took the test on Friday following N2's advice, thank you very much, but my test was a failed diluted and I have to retake. I'm gong to follow N2's substitution method (hopefully I wont be getting observed). I have a 1.7oz shampoo bottle, is that a large enough amount? The test is with labcorp but I can't find any info to answer this question.
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    Thanks burnt toaste. Awesome site by the way, great information. Glad I stumbled upon it.
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    In case anyone is/was in my situation I'll follow up with how it went. I used a nonlubbed condom and twisted it and secured it with a bread tie. I pinned it to the inside of my briefs and placed a hand warmer on top... Drove to the place parked a little distance away and took the temp, it was 96.7 degrees and I saw someone waiting in the waiting room. So I drove 2 blacks away to a burger king, grabbed a hot coffee and took it right in the bathroom to get the clean urine hotter. I heated it to 103.5 degrees then drove back to the place. I was in and out in under 10mins, went perfectly because I practiced!

    Thanks n2 and burnttoaste!

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