How much vinegar should i add to my water for soil grow

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by Sjapp, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Sjapp

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    im pretty sure my plants ph is too high. i used a soil ph kit and it became very dark green. i want it in the yellow.

    so my question is what is the pH of vinegar?
    how much vinegar do you usually add to your water to lower the pH?
  2. carinia

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    Just add teaspoon or so per gallon until you hit it, and just keep retesting until you get it where you want it. Get one of the cheap liquid test from a fish store. Since everyones water is different, its going to be different for you too!! Oh and make srure you only start adjusting the ph level AFTER you pt in ferts!
  3. Sjapp

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    oh word, i think ill do that. is it accurate? thats a lot less sketchy than asking my chemistry teacher if i can borrow her pH tester for private reasons haha

    oh and if my soil's ph is like 7 or 8 ish what would i want the pH of my water to be?
  4. carinia

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    Soil grow: mid 6's
    Hydro growz: well yer in trouble if you dont have a ph and a ppm meter :)

    You should be ok, maybe, probably have time. I actally have a little story, b/c im doing my first grow in my *new* house. I was running into all kinds of crap id never seen before, finally broke down and did some ph testing, my tap water runs at about 8.8! its crazy high. So I just recently went thru my first ph experience ever. :) However, I didnt notice any defs until about the 3rd week in veg and it was quickly cleared by some foliar spraying and yup, vinegar. So you should be ok. :)
  5. stinkyattic

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    The amount of Acetic acid needed to lower tap water one pH point depends upon the amount of CaCO3 (among other things, but that's the big one) in your water. This is measured as 'alkalinity' of surface water and is measured at labs by titrating a water sample with concentrated acid and reading the amount of acid needed to drop it from 6.5 to 6.2 (ehh I think those are the endpoints of this analysis; I could be mistaken).

    You need to experiment a bit. But I don't suggest vinegar as a regular pH down solution. Phosphoric acid is far superior, as it is tri-protic and a very small amount will drop your pH, minimally interfering with your other fertilizers.
  6. Weedhound

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    And by that I think Stinky means buy your ph up and down from the hydro store.....Stinky....what's in the hydro ph up again....? I can't remember all this science stuff......and I don't have a clue what you said in the post either.....:D
  7. Sjapp

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    my chem teacher let me borrow her electronic ph tester today. my neighbors water was like 8.7 pH, my tap water is 8 pH, and my water from my hose is like 7.8 and still rising, i don't know why its taking so long to determine it, i bet its because its a lot colder or something. white vinegar mesured at 2.7, and balsamic was 3.15 so i think im going to stick with the white. but thanks for clearing that up stinky, i was going to do all these tests to see if i could figure out how much i needed to add mathematically, but it sounds like their are some variables that i couldnt possibly find out. what else is there besides phospheric acid? that chemistry room has a whole bunch of chemicals that i bet i could borrow.

    phospheric acid = H3PO4 ?

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