How much water for 5-Gal. Grow Bags ?

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by Buds Buddy, Aug 26, 2018.

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    Well the title pretty much says it all. It's my 1st time using grow bags & I'm unsure how much water to use in them. With plastic pots I watched for run off …. but do you do the same with grow bags ? I'm in the process of doing my final up-pots this week before flower & they are going in 5 - gal. bags & not sure how to tell when I've given the right amount of water. I already up-potted 5 so far & it took about 1/2 gal. water each just to get the sides of the pot slightly damp. So … how do I know when they have enough water ? And I'm guessing I can go by pot weight as usual to tell when to water again ?
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    you want that measurement in tablespoons or teaspoons? :rolleyes:
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    No, that wont I mean should the bag be wet, slightly damp, run off in the tray under the cloth pot, something like that would give me a rough idea. I'm sure you know that most us fairly new growers have a tendency to over water.
    It wouldn't be my first time. That being said, I'm being cautious on my watering & hope I'm not being over cautious. So a rough idea just might help me get it right. Like I said .... 1st time using grow bags.
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    It's not the size of the bag, it's the size of the root ball in the bag and the relative humidity, that will determine frequency.
    As for amount? Depends on the starting moisture.
    Bone dry might take a couple gallons. In a 5 gallon bag, when dry enough to show slight droop, I give them about one gallon in increments of one third.
    The first 1/3rd wets the soil to improve absorption. The second will be more effective after 5 or 10 minutes of pre-soak.
    After that soaks in, I come back and slowly add the last 1/3rd until run off. Or ,with bags, "beading" at the bottom.
    I don't use bags indoors because of all the extra work it entails.
    Outdoors, they drip right through the lanai and water the orchids.

    Indoors I use white, square, plastic pots that sit on "piddle pads".
    Made for housebreaking puppies. They have a plastic liner and absorb an amazing amount of water without leaving standing water, which attracts fungus gnats.

    That, combined with a layer of dryer sheets on the soil surface, have kept me free of gnats and thrips for many years now. :)

    Oh, and square pots fit more plants in a given space.
    The white color keeps the roots cooler and reflect light back to the plants.

    Your grow looks great. Carry on.
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    Doesn't sound like I've been giving enough water because of worrying about over watering. I've only been giving 2 - 24 oz. cups per plant about every 2 - 3 days. That's about what it takes to get the bag slightly wet at the top. I have clear plastic trays under the bags in case of drainage but haven't had any yet. I believe the root ball should be pretty large. When I pulled the males out of the 2 gallon pots the sides were packed with roots. I up potted the females to 5 gallon bags that same day which was about 2 weeks ago so I would think the roots have spread quite a bit since then. I'll give more water next time. My tents are both staying right at 80 degrees with about 45% humidity so I think I'm pretty darn good there. Going to up-pot 2 more females in my veg tent tonight but they will stay in veg for about another week until I know the sex of all 8. That way I can top 1 last time before flower. I'm pretty sure 1 of the 8 is showing male signs. Maybe I'll be able to tell for sure tonight.
    Oh, the female cuttings I put in soil to get sample buds from .... Should they be up-potted or just left in the plastic cups of soil ? A few of them are about 10" - 12" tall.
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    I'd up pot 'em.

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