How much water?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by SocialDem, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. SocialDem

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    This is my first grow and I was wonder just how much water you are supposed to give your plants? How can I tell how much my plants need?
  2. SocialDem

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    None of you know how much to water your plants?
  3. texas grass

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    read its all around here

    when the soil starts to dry out give it water

    when water poors out the bottom of the pot shes been quenched
  4. Rusty Trichome

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    Actually most of us here know exactly how much to water the plants. We also know that if a post isn't answered immediatelly, someone will come along soon enough to help.
    Everyone here also realizes that a simple question like 'how much do I water' shows you really haven't put forth the effert to find the info yourself. (which puts answering your question at the bottom of most folks' to-do list)

    Insults will likely delay this process. I know it could have taken me half the time to type out a proper response, but instead...all I have to say to read.

    Even tho Texas gave you a partial clue to the watering, would strongly recommend you look deeper for an answer.
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    plant watering

    give the guy a break. i also ask a lot of q's and read alot. Why are there so many different measures of water for same size and age of plants. 200ml every 2nd day is generally the most common cycle for a 2 x 1 grow tent with a 400 hps light. if anyone knows different pls let me know. oh and if anyone know why leaves are developing holes let me know. have already checked for mites etc. and what distance should 400 hps be away from 15 inch high plants 1 week in2 bloom stage??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????//
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    One of my first grows had some little holes in its leaves. Nothing to worry about if it looks healthy other than those holes. I think I found it may just be some small nutrient deficiency when it was a prob. Also I hear from experienced growers to hold a sensative part of your hand at the distance from the light your plant tops will be at for some time. If its too hot for your hand, then its too hot for your plant. He also told me, the closer to the light, the better. :twocents: peace
  7. carlos1985

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    1 reason why ur leaves may have holes in

    if ur misting your plants durin the light cycle then its a high chance of it been the cause of burn damage from the lights, if the mist is srayed to much or to heavy in the same area then the water droplets left on the leaves can act as a magnifyer to the light causing the problem ur having...try only watering and feeding durin ur light cycle and misting in the dark cycle :thumbsup:
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