How much weed can you get from a plant

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by cannabis campbell, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. cannabis campbell

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    I know this probably sounds like a nooby question but i have no idea i know there are different types of plants and strains, indoor and ourdoor etc and it depends on how well you grow it but roughly how many grams do you get out of a plant?
  2. invision

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    depends.....lights, reflection material, soil, nutes, everything plays its role you can get less than a gram of wasted effort or 2lbs of heavy tree.

    MyMARYJANE Registered+

    2lbs? yum
  4. NightProwler

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    haha less than a gram.that would suck
  5. BloodAngel

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  6. orangeman

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    Depends on the strain, the condition of the grow and the species of it. Like for instance it could be estimated that you get 500 g's from one plant under certain conditions and the estimate might have been made under the best conditions but say it was made from a harvest that was grown under a 600w light and you grow with a 250w light, the yield will change drastically. So theres alot of things that go with the yield of one plant so a question like you asked cant really be answered.
  7. seattle420

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    try yahoo answers
  8. cannabis campbell

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    I would rather ask the trusted stoners i know here

    you could say that to everyone who posts a question

    but if its about weed then this is the best place to be this is why i signed up to this website because of all the experienced stoners.

    i could just say try yahoo answers to your threads such as...

    has anyone ever microwaved their kif into hash?

    so no thanks ill stick to
  9. BuenoMota

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    A decent yeild would be 1-2 ounces i would say. More is always better.,
  10. stinkyattic

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    It depends on how long you veg it and how many watts of light it gets in flowering. With those 2 variables the same, different strains will give different yields and there are fertilizer supplements that will help give heavier bud.
  11. kush07

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    In one grow book I have there is a cannabis plant that grew to 20 feet tall and harvested 4lbs. of dry sensimilla bud. That is the most I have ever heard of. Average may run you from 1-2 oz. per plant.

    Happy Toking :Rasta:

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