How much weed do you usually buy at once?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Jesse DeForest, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. Jesse DeForest

    Jesse DeForest Registered+

    Just need something f resh to read while I break up this bud.

    I usually by a quarter for $10 or a half for $20. A half usually lasts me like 2 weeks too cause pretty much only good **** runs through this part of Houston. I'm having a half dropped off tomorow morning, and right now I'm break up the last of my last half.
  2. TheAtomicPunk

    TheAtomicPunk Registered+

    1/2 for $20? You're talkin schwag, am I right?

    I buy 1/4's for 50 and 1/2's for 80(Mids).
  3. arcticspyder

    arcticspyder Registered+

    Holy shit I want to move where you live. Here in Alaska the prices for good bud is as follows 1/8th OZ average price $40, one 1/4 OZ $70-$80 (Depending on seller mostly $80.00), one 1/2 OZ $140-$160 (A lot of times there is no price breaks), 1 OZ $240-$320 (Like I said sometimes there are no price breaks).
    So, when I do get caught between crops it can get VERY EXPENSIVE! Hell it is cheaper to buy it where you are than it is to grow it. Hell I smoke enough pot that an ounce doesn't last me much more than a week and a half. :thumbsup: Just so we are clear here we are talking VERY VERY GOOD smoke at those prices, I DO NOT SMOKE SCHWAG! My personal stash is a Kali Mist, with my friend I smoke either my BlueBerry, Chronics Revenge, or F-1 BubbleGum. Like I said I don't smoke SCHWAG!
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  4. P.E.N.G.U.I.N.

    P.E.N.G.U.I.N. Registered+

    Eighths. I managed to make an eighth last for a month, smoking EVERY day.
  5. ztriple3

    ztriple3 Registered+

    wait did the first poster maybe mean half eighth and quarter eighth. The prices seem to make more sense that way, at least around here in Maine. but ive never heard of a dealer that sold quarter eighths. what is that, 1/32? weird.

    o and i usually buy an eighth
    over and out
  6. justinsane

    justinsane Registered+

    yeah,,, those first posted prices are crazy

    for me,

    i usually buy an eighth of shwag for like 20, or a quarter for 30

    if im feelin frisky ill buy an eighth of nugget for 50

    i never buy a dime of dank just because it wont last long
  7. jimmyp555

    jimmyp555 Registered

    lol shit man ;)

    I for one person, (as others im sure) would like to know how the fuck you managed to do that man coz i sure as fuck wouldn't mind my next 1/8th to last a month man! :Rasta:
  8. hihigh

    hihigh Registered+

    uh, yeah... i'd like to know how to, lol.
  9. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    I usually buy a Q.
  10. Jesse DeForest

    Jesse DeForest Registered+

    No, my prices were correct, and it's for mids. ****'s just cheap here.
  11. Jeff Spicoli

    Jeff Spicoli Registered+

    I will repeat, what's up with all the new people having insane deals. I still don't believe Jesse tho. whenever I buy I get quarters
  12. BiG WiCkEd

    BiG WiCkEd Registered+

    A quad for $10??????? Damn dawg, i'ma start kickin it with you!!

    I'm gonna get a quad later on tonight for a bill....i'll prob post up sum flix cuz this is gonna be sum bomb ass dank...
  13. Midnight Baker

    Midnight Baker Registered+

    1/8 $25
    1/4 $45
    1/2 $70
    1oz $135
  14. VoidLivesOn

    VoidLivesOn Registered+

    Dub a week.(20$ worth)
  15. Polymirize

    Polymirize Registered+

    I'm with Spicoli on this...

    I'm all for cheap and affordable chronic, but $10 for a quarter? What an amazing deal! I think you pushed a little to far on that, it just doesn't seem believable. I think the lowest I've ever paid for a quarter of chronic was 50, through a friend and during harvest.

    If I could get $10 quarters I'd give away nuggets for halloween. Or instead of having a bowl of m&m's or nuts on the coffee table, just a bowl full of little nuggets.


    But as is, I just can't afford to roll like that.
  16. TheAtomicPunk

    TheAtomicPunk Registered+

    I always try to get oz's at a time whenever I can. Like, a quarter for me costs 50, a 1/2 80, but oz's cost 120. So its a pretty nice deal. Plus, I normally end up selling dimes here and there and makin some cash :cool:

    Penguin, how do you get an 8th to last a month? That's insane. I normally smoke dubs at a time.
  17. Synthesizer Man

    Synthesizer Man Registered+

    No surprise here, but its always an 1/8th.

    Oh yeah I can get them to last pretty long too. About a week!
  18. 420purplehaze420

    420purplehaze420 Registered+

    i pick up a lot of different amounts but the most common is probably an eigth because i can get them for $20 which is a sweet deal as its usally 10 bucks a gram here. When i buy anything heavier than that i know people who will give me quite a bit extra for pretty cheap
  19. pixel

    pixel Registered+

    I always buy an Eigth and a half for 60$. Dank shit. My dealer knows my order so I don't even have to tell him, it's tight
  20. xNoa

    xNoa Registered+

    alot of u seemed to be getting hooked up at very good prices so much so i just straight up dont believe it to be honest(that its GOOD bud anyway) i buy an oz a week, £120-140s, dont smoke it all though, more about 10grams and get the rest of my money back from somewhere ;) and its 100% quality amsterdam SKUNK!!

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