How much weed in a blunt?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by JDMonstar, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. JDMonstar

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    I've seen this answered on other forums but people seem to be really ambiguous on their answers. I also ask this bc I assumed a normal amount for a blunt was about 1 g but when I said this to my friend he acted like I had no idea what I was talking about (I don't smoke blunts) and said that 1g is way too much for a blunt. I plan on rolling blunts with a couple other friends this weekend, and I want to know how much to buy for that, too. Is a .5g blunt a normal size...? Or is something below .5 grams normal? I feel like that'd just be way too skimpy
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  2. Lit Up

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    A gram should be enough. My joints are usually around a gram If that helps at all.
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  3. tlranger

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    Badges, we don't need no-- but here goes joint <or= 1gm, 1-2gsm, blunt county, 2&up party time. But this summer an Italian taught me the artichoke. DSCN0819.JPG quessing it had maybe 4. Burned very well DSCN0820.JPG
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  4. tekdc911

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    if your rollin 3 for 10's a 2 liter bottle cap slightly packed is how i used to measure it out
  5. brotherbeau

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    It all depends on the wrap. Are you using a premade blunt wrap? Cleaning out a cigar? How are you making it? Actually rolling or just stuffing a cleaned out cigar? To many variables, man.
  6. JohnnyD421

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    I use about .7 to 1 g for blunts, mainly because I only smoke those when I'm with friends (Honestly hate the way wraps smoke. I'm a paper man.).
    I usually use the comparison that an average joint is a small blunt, a fat joint is a good blunt, and a cross joint is a fat blunt. (About .4-.5g, .7-1g, and 1.2g, respectively.)

    But of course, all this is up to personal preference. :Rasta:
  7. jeng1128

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    Ughhh I hate the taste of blunts for some reason, i smoke joints, use zig zags 1 1/4 & put about half a gram(of good weed) so a blunts bigger more than half a gram
  8. Saratj1

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    Get a phillie's Titan and don't split it just roll it between your fingers to get the tobacco out then pack it full, it will hold around a quarter. Go big lol.
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