how much weed should i get for $100.00

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  1. hey this will be my first time toking up and wondered how much weed should i be able to get for $100.00 in mid oklahoma? and about what shoulkd that chunk look like send pics and replies please and happy stoning:Rasta: :stoned: :stoned: :stoned: :stoned:
  2. Nochowderforyou

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    Man, this thread is going to vary so much. Getting an accurate answer will be difficult.

    I know a lot of people here have the choice of "shag weed", "mids" and "highs", and also "hydro (dro)" as well. Not me though. We usually have highs around here all the time. Shag is unheard of, and mids, are rare.

    Dealers usually go by grams, not by dollar amounts, but for $100, around here, I could get a half ounce. Dealers usually go by grams, and if they don't, they aren't a smart dealer:

    1/8 (3.5g)=$35
    1/4 (7g)=$60
    1/2 (14g)=$100
    full (28g)=$200

    Again, some people in the US pay $400 for an ounce of highs, but some people pay $50 for an ounce of Shag weed. It varies. Quality over quantity I say. I'm in Alberta Canada by the way. :D
  3. well i will not want the shity stuff but cant afford chronic so a mid-good quality weed?
  4. bedake

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    damn dude your buying a 100$ worth your first time? your going all in hehe, and I'm guessing your older than a teenager for some reason.

    It depends on how good the weed is really, In my opinion I think you should go quantity over quality for sure for your first time since you have no tollerance whatsoever. You might be able to get 20 grams for 100$ I think thats what its like around my parts (ohio) for low to mids

    what the fuck!? an 1/8th is 3.5g? my dealer has been hooking me up with 5 to 6 gram 8ths for like 5 years, man i love my dealer

    but personally im always quantity of quality for some reason, I get high easily and enjoy smoking as much as actually being high
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  5. Whos Carl

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    You should get between a very decent quarter and a decent half ounce.
  6. matt2m

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    here in south flordia 100 can get you 1/4 of the finest herb or for low grade i could get an ounce and a half or a ounce and a quarter.

    as said above it really varies the prices will be higher if its hard to get in you town but if your dealer grows it then oviously its going to be cheaper for you.

    basicly I say find an friend that burns alot in your town they will be able to what is a good amount for your area :)
  7. actually i have a freind who tokes he knows a dealer who really hooks him up so im giving my friend the money to give me pot in return and how big should the chunk be the dealer usually packs it fluffy and un compressed and how many grams does it take to get a person high (200 pounds 5'3"

    i am 16 btw so am still a tenager but the reason im buying so much i hear you can get a better deal buying larger quanities and it will be a long time untill i can get weed again hey how long does weed hold its potencey in a bag after buying it?
  8. lemonboy

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    That would only get me a quarter (well, $90) of something really nice from a local guy.
  9. stangle12

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    ok man. you really dont need 100$ worth if this is your first hit.
    70$ buys me a 1/4 of really good highs. dont settle for less.
  10. stangle12

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    dont spend that much on your first run though man, they spot people like you a mile away and will try to ripp you off.
  11. stangle12

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    ps. 1/3 of a gram should get you high (if smoked propperly)
  12. His Dudeness

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    I can usually get an ounce for $100 or $110 of some decent Hydro. Some other people sell 2 oz for $140 down in Pittsburgh. Like someone said it varies.
  13. stangle12

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    wow. that can't be that great of weed. either that or they're farming that shit.
  14. well i am not the one that will buy it stangle12.......its my freind who buys from this guy all the time i think he grows his own i know my freind real good who knows a dealer so the dealer wont even meet me just my freind will come over with the bag and we will toke up and hopefully ill have a little left over ;-) ;-) hoping to get baked he is coming over sunday (sometime in may or june) and hoping to bake at 1 pm and 6 pm should i still have a little weed left over after 4 bakings of it ? 2 people+2bake breaks=4:stoned:
  15. Nochowderforyou

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    Okay, when it comes to smoking, you could 600lbs and a bowl will still get you high. Height and weight are no factors when it comes to smoking the herb.

    Weed doesn't always come in chunks, as you said. Sometimes the buds will be bigger, sometimes smaller, but in any case, it should be buds. They're like, dried flower tops, same thing, except in a bud form.

    Potency will stay the same no matter what. It won't lose potency if kept in a bag.

    I've been tokin for some years now, and a bowl of some nice weed still gets me ripped.
  16. wow well i would be getting some like a said then keep some hidden where no one would look..... inside my computer tower behind screwed metal walls ;-) :stoned: maby tape it to the side to keep my hard drive or processor from getting baked :stoned:
  17. lemonboy

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    I agree. I've been smoking a good while and sometimes I'll set the bowl down halfway through the session and get caught up doing something :)
  18. RastaKaze

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    actually, if you wanna get technical light exposure causes a decrease in potency and also if the bag isn't sealed properly certain hydracannibols can be lost/evaporates. of course you will still get high but the high will be nicer/fuller if kept in an opaque tupperware container or similar
  19. Reefer Rogue

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    Buy a Quater of Dank.
  20. its gonna be inside my computer tower no view holes or lights just a old metal box bag taped to the side case screwed on tight so if dont fall off when my mom comes in my room and snoops around computer ;-) ;-) well i dont know what my friend gets but he said it aint dirt but aint chronic just a good mid quality weed so ok i guess thc is thc

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