How much weight will i lose from drying buds..

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by greenboy, May 7, 2007.

  1. greenboy

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    hi guy,,
    first time grower and in the flush phase of these ak 47 prob about 9 10 days left till harvest...
    Im just wondering how much weight the buds will lose it the drying..??
    say i have 10 oz of wet bud and then fully dry, what will i be looking at in weight....??
    Thanks green boy
  2. Weedhound

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    Generally you lose about 75 percent of weight by the time everything is dry. I do weigh my bud both wet and dry and have found this to be be pretty accurate really. So for 10oz wet you'd end up with about 2 and 1/2 oz dry. ;)
  3. Anaconda64sq

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    That is useful ... Thanks Weedhound
    Hey Green boy lets see some pics of your buds wet and dry..
  4. TheGreenFog

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    Hey, greenboy. Yea, between 75%-80% loss in water weight. Maybe try leaving your plants thirsty for the final few days. This will help with a little final trichome production as well as make your plants less "wet" when you cut them, therefore decreasing the amount of perceived loss while decreasing the number of days necessary for drying. At the least, it helps save a few bucks and makes you feel better when you "feel like" you are losing less weight. LOL

    Look at my threads for wet/dry weights.

    The Fog :Rasta:
  5. Sk8orDie

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    greenfog, how long before you harvest do you cut the water? i'm harvesting a bubblicious sometime this weekend probably and seven more ice/cali orange/bubbulicious/sour diesel within the next 2-3 weeks and would like to try keepin em thirsty before harvest, just don't wanna with hold water too long since my temps are a little high to begin with (attic grow)
  6. blank_21

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    When seedbanks say "yield : 120 grams", are they talking about wet buds or dry buds????
  7. faithlessxxx

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    Dry. Noone bothers about wet weight. They like to add a couple of grams to their estimates though.

    And now, I'm off to make some hash.
  8. TheGreenFog

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    Hey, sk8ordie. Well, it depends in which medium you are using. With a hydro system (using 4 by 4 rockwool cubes), a few days of no water should be okay. If doing DWC or hydro where you do NOT have a medium that will hold moisture, you might not be able to go as long. If you are using soil, you could go a little longer like a week or so after final watering. I'd be careful of your temps, though. If you risk burning them, I'd choose to NOT withhold water because that's just how you keep them cool. Plus, it helps, but it's not necessary. Just a technique to maximize potency and minimize drying time...but not needed for good smoke. So, where's the log with the pics of all these strains you are growing, man? :)

    As far as the seedbanks and their predictions, I would think that they are talking dry weight, but this is also dry weight from a square meter (9 square feet) of growing plants. Keep that in mind. :)

    The Fog :Rasta:

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