how much will an 8th of skunk cost?

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by mrsmoof, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. mrsmoof

    mrsmoof Registered

    how much would an 8th of skunk cost? (what is a suitable price people would sell it for so i dont get conned). Please reply :confused:
  2. the yeag

    the yeag Banned

    not sure on an eighth , i got some there for e150 for an ounce.
  3. hudson88

    hudson88 Registered+

    I'd say £25 was a fair price for an 8th at the moment. But the price ain't the only way they can con you, they can give you crap weed! You need to try a few people and decide which one offers good weed at a reasonable price.
  4. The End

    The End Registered+

    Depends on how good the bud is, it's normally £20/25 on the 8th.
  5. mc-blaze21

    mc-blaze21 Registered+

    i do 1/8 for £20 and an oz for £110 and its top bollocks skunk as well i dnt deal in crap lol. yeah not only can they give u crap weed but a crap weight. i weigh an 8th at 3.5g's not that i rarely get to weigh an 8th lol an oz is the min i weigh at these day

    what i say is purely fiction and nothing to do with how i live my life im an angel
  6. eil

    eil Registered+

    hey thats good them prices above pitty we dont live near you mc-blaze some guy near us is putting out what they call polm well they call it pollen but to me it looks like slate i didnt think it was light enough inside but it did look like it had a couple of shades going on im not saying it was bad as it was ok i just dont think it was polm
  7. killuminati04

    killuminati04 Registered

    wow. 3.5 8ths, nice to see some people still get/give them, normally these days its lucky to get a 3.1 or 3.2 around where i normally go.
    prices like that sound even better on the oz, i wish it was still like that around here :mad:

    toke on :jointsmile:
  8. weedmaster

    weedmaster Registered+

    same price round here £20 1/8 £110 oz. if u guys are getting undercut take a set of scales with you and weigh it in front of your dealer, then tell them their scales must b wrong,if they know u gonna weigh it they prob wont try to have you over:jointsmile:
  9. mc-blaze21

    mc-blaze21 Registered+

    yeah loads of ppl round here are doing 3gram eighth's i think its disgusting i do 3.5 but then again i suppose i can afford to some dealers have to do 3g eigth's coz its the only way they can make there's. my mate is picking up oz's at 150 and he aint making a bean out of it. shame really coz there is alot of money to be earned out of selling green but these days u have just got to get it good enough and at the right price and i think i got both lol ne ways laters all happy smoking peace!!

    (what i say is purley fiction and not fact. i do not grow/sell cannabis these examples are purley for fun)
  10. Delta9 UK

    Delta9 UK Registered+

    No more than £25 for 3.5g's

    Some dealers round here are trying to sell shitty weed at £150+ per ounce. Just laugh in their faces and move on to the next one.
  11. Just A Beginner

    Just A Beginner Registered+

    my fella is payin £10 for an eigth at the mo, not the best stuff, certainly not the worst tho :cool:
  12. mc-blaze21

    mc-blaze21 Registered+

    yeah my mate is paying 150 an oz its jokes and especially with all this propper dodgie weed going round at the minute i wont touch the stuff. i get my green and its nice and clean which is all good
  13. Nozza1979

    Nozza1979 Registered

    To be honest i'd pay anything. The situation is silly round my way (West London/Surrey). Got 3 or 4 different contacts an can't get hold of anything!:(

    HAPPYBUDDER Registered

    hey there are you in the south of the uk?
  15. mushypeas

    mushypeas Registered+

    20 quid don pay 25 dats takin da mikey
  16. 2mass

    2mass Registered+

    I`ll pay 25 notes if its the proper chronic that fux me up, if its bush i`ll give ya 50p for it
  17. ukmonkey

    ukmonkey Registered+

    8th Skunk £20
    8th UBERFUCKINGMENTAL SKUNK thats covered in crystals £25 (or 8th in drought times)
    8th weed a tenner
    should weigh to 3.5g

    BEWARE OF GLASS CUT SHIT going round btw, chew on a tiny bit and if it crunches don't touch it!

  18. Jarras Finest Stoner

    Jarras Finest Stoner Registered+

    i normally pay £17.50 for an eighth of nice green (half-quarter) but usually buy £10 deals. The deals usually weigh in at 1.7-1.8 but sometimes can be 2 grams or more:jointsmile:
  19. mc-blaze21

    mc-blaze21 Registered+

    yeah budder im from the south man. and if i ever ran out of green i would never pay 25 for 1/8 i no some people still charge that but i never would its stupid lol
  20. Jarras Finest Stoner

    Jarras Finest Stoner Registered+

    GREED :mad:
    thats all it is mate

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