How much would a grow room cost?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Kb420Kb, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Kb420Kb

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    in about a year or so im moving out of my parents house and im going to be growing. And I was wondering how much would a grow room cost for about 20 plants? What stuff will i need?

  2. Opie Yutts

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    For 20 plants, I'm guessing 3000 watts of light: $1000
    Ventilation for said lights: $800
    The other stuff: $600
  3. Opie Yutts

    Opie Yutts Registered+

    Don't forget the PH meter: $25 IMPORTANT
  4. palerider7777

    palerider7777 Banned

    i paid 200 for my ph,ppm,temp meter trimeter
  5. keeko

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    like the great Miss stinky says "how long is a piece of string?"

    depends on quite a few things. Opie gives a great estimate
  6. Unknownfigure

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    Depends on alot of things. If you want a laboratory enviroment for your grow, it'll run you about, eh, maybe $3 - $6k. That's for proper ventilation, lights, construction, sanitation, temperature control, humidity regulator, timing devices, carbon filters in the ventilation to smell-proof the room, among many other things. Do you want to grow soil or hydro? Benefits of hydro include (if properly maintained) : Bigger yield, increased potency, less likely of a pest attack, complete control of what the plant is fed, and if you plan to sell any of it at all, bag appeal. Downside is it's more work, unless you build an automated feeding system. Even if you do this, you'll want to closely monitor the plants and reservoir if anything goes wrong -- at all.

    So yeah, save up. You'll need to reconstruct any room you want to grow in for a lab-like grow. If you just want it functional, spend about $1500 on quality lights, nutes, etc. Meh, I'm buzzing HARD right now. Weeee....

    Oh, sorry. What were we talking about?
  7. Opie Yutts

    Opie Yutts Registered+

    No, but your right about everything else. Potency is controled soley by genetics.
  8. socialistpete

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    If you've never grown before trying to grow 20 plants would be a very foolish thing to do. Start small and learn how to grow its not as simple as most people think. You have a year to go through and read all faqs and posts on here, that should give you a good head start.:thumbsup:
  9. stinkyattic

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    Expect to lay down a total of 2 grand on a very basic 2-room system.
    In the sticky in my sig there's an equipment list somewhere. You shoudl read that, and ever time you see a piece of equipment or supplies mentioned, write it down for your shopping list, then price it all out.
    Big expenses:
    Lights- Don't skimp on an air cooled hood, just get one. It's not much extra compared to how easy your life will be. Expect to spend $100 on flouros if you use cheap shop lights, plus $150-200 for a cheap 250-400w MH for vegging later, plus $300-400 for a good 600-1000w HPS with air cooled hood
    Exhaust- Ranges from $30 for cheap duct boosters to as expensive and fancy as you want to get, and if you need carbon filters, there's another cost.
    Air conditioner- yup you need one.
    Ferts- Can be pricy, up to $50 a quart, no kidding.
  10. Opie Yutts

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    Yeah, but don't let stinky scare you. You can make it real simple if you want to. When I first started hydro I had a quart of veg nutes and a quart of bud nutes. Each cost about $15, and I had incredible results. Now I am slightly more sophisticated, but I still swear by those nutes. I suggest Fox Farm's Grow Big for veg and Tiger Bloom for budding. Also, A little goes a long way, like a few teaspoons per gallon for your 20 plants, every other week. Also if you buy in gallons it costs even less. Those $50 per quart nutes are the Mercedes Benz of nutes.

    Like socialistpete says I think you are being slightly ambitious for a first timer. How many peple do you plan on selling to, for crying outloud? I highly reccomend a 2-4 plant grow in a closet at first to get a feel for it. I think you will be grateful to yourself beyond belief if you do so. You may even invite yourself up for a drink.
  11. blink_inc

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    Spent $1800 on a 4w x 4h x 8l box with 2 x 400HPS.
    Soil, lights, plastic, nutes, fans, materials etc all adds up really quickly.

    QWIDGYBO Registered

    Like the others have said, start small. Build up your skills first. You gotta learn to crawl before you walk. I'm planning my very first grow right now and although I'm doing a SOG grow I'm keeping the plant numbers down. If you were doing a SOG too I could understand 20 single cola's but a normal soil grow with 20 full sized plants is a massive undertaking...
  13. oliwog

    oliwog Registered+

    well it can cost ya 3-6k but depends how pro you wanna go my setup i can grow up to 15 small plants an yeild between 1-2 oz off each plant so on average bout 15- 30 oz per harvest an my setup costs are as follows
    600w hps light an ballast= £120/$240
    extraction fan= £50/$100
    intake fan (optional but rec)=£50/$100
    pots an light hangin kit/ extras=£50-100/$100-200
    i built the enclosure myself. you can shell out for a cab to be made but they are expensive an u can convert a cupboard easily enough.
    then all i buy is seeds or u can keep a mother
    it really depends on how u wanna grow do u want to keep it simple an have lots of smaller plants or more complex an have the plants to their full size an full yeild but you would need a whole room for 20 plants of that size
    if its for personal use you should keep it simple an a setup like mine will do you justice if you wanna make dolla then you should go all out an spend 3-6 k
    i personally wouldnt go hydro for personal use not un till u get some experience but if u want to look at one of the WILMA kits available as they are easy to use an affordable
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