How NOT To Fall Asleep ?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Pushka, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Pushka

    Pushka Registered

    it's really pissing me off that after a couple of hours after smoking i just fall asleep dead. i tried munching, playing, drinking energy drinks - nothing seems to work. and it doesnt matter if i smoke at night or in the morning just after i wake up - it knocks me out every time.

    i started a couple years ago and never had this problem. also, i dont smoke often - about 2 consecutive days once a month. i should prolly add that it's not the weed - my husband can stay up no problem.

    i tried looking this issue up and someone said weed makes your system lack iron so if you eat iron enriched products ("grean leafy vegetables") it should help you stay up. can i get some thoughts on that?

    hope some of you had the same problem and found a way to get rid of it. thanks in advance ^.^
  2. five0addict

    five0addict Registered+

    sounds like your brain is just bored.
    do something and you wont get tired.
  3. aznson01

    aznson01 Guest

    try eating a salad then lol just test it urself
  4. Pushka

    Pushka Registered

    yea, i normally play comp games when im high and cant say that im bored - just really sleepy.

    regarding the salad, was planning to try it out this weekend :p

    any other suggestions?
  5. birdgirl73

    birdgirl73 Registered+

    Hey, Pushka. It sounds to me like you simply have a very strong relaxation response to weed. I rather doubt that iron-rich food would make much of a difference in your level of sleepiness, although it's probably very good for you in other ways. If caffeine in moderation doesn't help keep you from getting sleepy, have you thought about switching the strain of weed you smoke? Indica strains tend to have more of a "narcotic" effect, whereas Sativas can be more stimulating and energizing, at least in many. That might be worth a try. Good luck!
  6. EmoRebellion

    EmoRebellion Registered+

    I agree with birdgirl (as always ;-)). Although the Indica (I assume thats what you gave) didnt put your husband to sleep, it affects different people in different ways. I would deffinately try to find a Sativa, or at least a cross of the two. Most deals dont know what they have, but if you ask around you should be able to find something.
  7. Pushka

    Pushka Registered

    thanks guys! im not an expert on weed, so these answers really help ^^

    btw do the two strains have a difference in color or consistency? i tried different kinds like light green, dark green, with brown hairs, without, damp, dry etc but they all have the same effect on me :p the amount i take in doesnt seem to matter much either - 2 puffs knock me out all the same as the whole joint. :stoned:
  8. five0addict

    five0addict Registered+

    computer games arent something
    standup, go for a walk, workout, get your heart pumping.
    and most important dont get yourself stuck in a pattern, most likely its phycological.
  9. DylanN89

    DylanN89 Registered+

    get away from ur house if u just fall asleep try a shade o r summtin thats always nice but dontn fall asleep at the wheel! LOL :D :thumbsup:
  10. Nochowderforyou

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    You need to keep your mind a little more busy. Computer games do the opposite, and staring at a screen can make one very tired.

    Keep in mind that energy drinks only work for so long, but remeber, what goes up, must come down. It's like coffee, you feel like running 100 miles after drinking it, but after 3 or 4hrs, you need a pickup again, or you get drained big time. Same with energy drinks. You're energized for a short time, then the downtime happens, in combo. with weed, yes, would make one very sleepy.

    Go outside for a walk, if you have a dog take them for a walk, do something that keeps your mind busy, and something that interests you.

    I just got back from playing guitar with a few of my bandmates for a good 2hrs solid and I could keep going. It keeps my mind busy creating new riffs from thin air, and it's something I love to do, and with weed, it's a score!

    So do something you enjoy doing that keeps you on your feet and keeps your mind going.

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