how often should i water after they sprouted

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by nanoguy330, Apr 18, 2005.

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    I just started growing outdoors and I have a question about watering. I know that your not suppose to overwater your plant cause it'll rot the plant.

    But what if your plants is still sprouting. I planted a bunch of seeds in my garden and a lot of them sprouted after one week. It looks pretty and I don't want any of them dying becuz I overwatered them. Any advice on my problem. I really appreciated it, thank you!
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    keep the soil moist, never soaked and never dry during seedling stage. also helps if you water them gently as their roots aren't well developed yet. it might help too if you take an aluminum can, cut both ends off (serrated steak knife works well), and jam one end into the ground a bit, centered over the plant. it'll keep away cutworms and other crawling insects that love tender sprouts and can be left in place or removed later.
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    UH yeah your right I keep the sould moist but not soaked, cause you want them to get some water but you don't want them to kill over.

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