How often you smoke.

Discussion in 'Australia - New Zealand' started by AussieGWRER, May 14, 2007.

  1. AussieGWRER

    AussieGWRER Registered+

    just wondering how often other aussies smoke in a week/month?
    i usually smoke everyday when i can and got weed(mine). like now :stoned: .
    but when i dont only couple times a month.
    how bout yous :hippy:
  2. Kenn

    Kenn Registered+

    g day Aussie grower , man Im an addict for sure smoke everyday proberly abt 10 bongs a day easy .If its a party weekend with mates around we wld proberly kill an ounce in 2 days . I just love my ganja man .:Rasta: :Rasta: :Rasta:
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    SDK SLAYER Registered+ too....3 sessions a day....4-5 cones per sess. :wtf: :stoned:
  4. downundadude

    downundadude Registered+

    cool i need to come down your way kenn, dont you guys ever run out, i know you grow but shit dudes you living the life i want mmmmmm i salivate over more than 5 cones a day............bliss
  5. Kenn

    Kenn Registered+

    who knows mate we cld end up havin a cannabis catch up and av a smoke together. Dude u gotta grow enuff weeed to satisfy the need , get growin save ur self big$$$$$$$$$$$$:thumbsup:
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  6. downundadude

    downundadude Registered+

    hahah true we should but it would have to be private op, like the movies and stuff, ya never know who is viewing and all, i do grow but my organisation is poor and go through very dry periods then get swamped and end up with none befor i relize i should of planted some more, but im starting to take clones earlish and get in the swing of things so i can enjoy all year round but i do and dont mind buying to just to see whats getting around you know but nothings better than your own bud
  7. 2MC5

    2MC5 Registered+

    you guyz smoke shit loads when i first got into smoking i would have 1 joint evryday but i have not had a smoke in like a month
  8. Huntor

    Huntor Registered+

    some weeks ill smoke 5 days.have a cone (straight weed) every 2-3 hrs after work or whatnot.

    other weeks i wont smoke al all.

    on average 2 days per week id say,overall.
  9. tafari

    tafari Registered


    yaw smoke di herb everyday wit owt a doubt, 7 days a week
    around 10 joints a day.. love di ganjaa..

    found king solomons grave!

    blaze it up erriday

    fk da police n smoke everyday
  10. Angeljewels

    Angeljewels Registered+

    hey Tafari are you in aux and would you help a friend in desperate need...please anyone near cent5ral ways HMB
  11. emilya

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