How soon can you plant your harvested seeds?

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    I can't seem to find this answer anywhere. Auto flower grower here and usually let my seeded girls go 5-6 weeks before harvesting. Majority of seed brown, white and palest of green. Once you've dried and gathered your seeds do you have to put them through any kind of dormant period, say 30 days in a sealed jar back of fridge or does it matter? Will you get better germination after a month, 2, 3 and when does that fade, after a year? I waited a month last season (I do 4 seasons a year) before trying germination and got 9/10. Tried another 10 a few days after harvest and nothing. How long should you wait to plant your harvested seeds?
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    Depends on the relative humidity.
    Seeds have a wax coating to keep them from sprouting when it rains on the calyx.
    That's why I wait for low humidity to plant.
    I have had 0%, and 100% germination in the same batch of seeds.
    The 0% batch was planted when the RH was north of 70%.
    I thought they were non-viable and almost threw them out.
    Fortunately I had put the failed batch out on the lanai and forgot about them for a week or so.
    The soil had dried out completely. Then, we had a quick shower.
    They all germed!
    Had online people claim that it was the phase of the moon. :D
    That's not likely, so I looked for more reasonable reasons.
    Planted a batch of the same seeds @ 40% RH and they all popped.

    When the air is too humid, the seeds don't even know that they've been planted.
    They are so wet already that adding more water does not trigger sprouting.

    If you are in a hurry to start the next generation, I suggest that you put your fresh harvested seeds in a jar with some dried rice for 8 hours or so.
    Then put a patch of sandpaper in a pill bottle with some seeds and shake well.
    That will scarify them. Scratches off some of the wax coating so the can absorb moisture.
    Plant them pointy end up and you will get less stuck shells too.

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