How soon can you tell sex

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Buka Boy, Mar 27, 2004.

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    I have 8 little babies about 4 weeks old and on its 7th noid how much longer before telling sex.Thanks for any info. :D
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    To tell the sex you must wait until it buds. To bud a plant you just have to switch the photoperiod from 18h light/6h night to 12hlight/12h night. Then after 3 weeks (minimum) you should be able to see some litle "balls" developing on the nods and on the head of the plant. How to tell from a female and a male. ITs quite simple : females haves litle balls with 2 strings coming out of it (about 5mm long) it is called pistils. The male on the other hand have just litle balls with nothing else. When the male flower opens its like an umbrella.

    I hope this will help see ya

    P.S: this is a pic of my...hermy...(hermaphrodite?) and you can se the female flowers on the top and the male flowers on the base....if you see a plant like that just trash it...its nothing more than trash.

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    Depends on the conditions of the grow and the strain, hydro or soil, lighting and so on.

    7 to 14 days, watch for tell tale signs of single flowers starting. I seen a huge White Widow female (in hydro) show her self in under 7 days and huge satvia's taking 14 to 18 days to show their sex.
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    Why don,t you get a simple book for beginners ,as it sounds like you havn,t grown b4.
    It will give you all you need to know from seed to splif.
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    A plant will usually show it's sex in five weeks under 18/6. You might want to invest in a magnifing glass to see the preflowers cause they are small. Males will have a little ball like object on the lower stem that looks like a spade on a playing card. They will be sticking straight out from the stem under each leaf; just like a jackass with a hardon.

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