How tall will a plant grow?

Discussion in 'Closet / Cabinet Growing' started by turtle420, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. turtle420

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    Hello people... I've got yet another question:

    How tall will a good strain plant grow? How tall from the top of the roots to the top of the plant?

    I'm looking for this information because I'm planning my closet cabinet grow... and I'm doing a hydro NFT system.

    I've got the box all drawn out and everything, but I'm unsure as to how high to make it. I'm planning on doing a hydro SoG setup. How tall will these plants go?

    Second Question: If I use a HPS light... do I have to keep moving it as the plants grow? Or do I hang it from the top of the cabinet at the start and leave it there?

    I trully thank you all for your help! ;)

    -turtle420 :cool:

    HARDDON Registered+

    Depends on how high you want it to grow. That is the beauty of indoor grow.....

    Plants will stretch up to 3X thier veg height when put into flower. So you make the call on that one :) Just plan for 3X increase and you will be just fine.

    As for your need to be able to adapt your enviro around the plants as much as your plants around the enviro.

    Give and take.

    Ideally, you should leave it at the top the whole time. You can turn the plant as you need it.

    You can supplement with side lights and lower lights in the form of floro or CFL.
  3. turtle420

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    Thanks for the reply dude... really helpful. I'm still reading the FAQs and the grow guides, but I'm having big problems regarding the 'schedule' of the different stages of a plant.

    As I understand, there are three stages?
    1- seedlings
    2- vegetative growth (here's where I do the SoG trainings)
    3- flowering

    Ok, now... aprox how long will each stage take? Seedlings to veg... 2 weeks?
    And how about the veg state? I have no idea how long should that last. And the flowering?

    Thanks for the great input people!

    -turtle420 :cool:
  4. dereck1174

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    hi guys
    it also depends on the srain of plant i.e. Sativa/Indica
    Sativas a much taller plants 3'foot upto maybe 10'foot plus the buzz is more of a upper also
    whereas indicas are shorter more stocky plants and the buzz is more stoned(couch potatoe)
  5. bejay

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    you really cant do a sog from seed. but if starting from seed would probably allow atleast 4-5 ft of height to work with and you can probably manipulate the plants to remain less than 3 ft tall by flowering earlier, topping or training them and still leave some space for the light and pots or hydro system.
  6. Exodus_herbman

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    Low stress training is always a possibility, but it really will depend on the strain how large it gets. sativas are generally taller and take longer, you can tell whether its sativa or indica by the width of the leaves, indica- fat leaves, sativa- skinny. You will often hear continue veg stage until the plant stops growing taller, and shows signs of preflowering, and if you have the room to let a plant get as tall is it needs then you can do that, but if not as hardon says, when you cut it into flowering expect it to grow 2 times even 3 times its size.
  7. vicarious7

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    3-4 stages lmfao dude!!8-9!!

    as i recall reading there is about 8-9 total stages!!!:) if ya need any info jus look up jorge cervantes!!lol guaranteed to grow jus fine!!all this crap about hps hid etc. garbage folks!! check out the new list of blue and red spectrum "envirolites" lol guaranteed to be pleased with not only your bill but your king bud's!!!lol want more? send some messages!!
  8. vicarious7

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    answer this peoples! in some strains of cannabis plants do the males have more trichomes than females? thus producing a higher thc content???lmfao!!
  9. twitch

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    no the males use there energy to make pollen
  10. vicarious7

    vicarious7 Registered

    well in some strains twitch the male's produce more thc than females on thier leaves!!deadly hasher's lol search up!!
  11. vicarious7

    vicarious7 Registered

    there's over a 100cannibols in each cannabis plant! thc being one of the top delta 8 delta 9!

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