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  1. growhand420

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    I live in a state that doesnt have medical marijuana nor do they ever speak of it
    it seems like people want marijuana but doesnt know anything about petitions or even how there government works
    so this a thread for advice
    since i really dont know much about how to start a petition or even where to send it???
    cant seem to find much info on how to do this
    any comments will be much apreiciated
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  2. painretreat

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    Bummer! But, there is plenty of hope!
    You may have to start the 'conversation' yourself. :p And hopefully, meet many like minded people. A few popular groups are:
    Americans for Safe Access
    Drug Policy Alliance
    The folowing, relatively new ones:
    Brownie Mary Club (an actual part of the Democratic or Republican Party)
    And so many other groups. Google their names. If there isn't a group near you, you CAN start one! :thumbsup: Just contact their main or local office. Please know, these are donation supported groups. As, most people with the time and health, that do not grow and are ABLE to be active, are. Growers, well, it isn't a very good idea to be, too public, but there are things you can do, to help organize, etc. Which is where support, comes in through donations. It would seem, to get and keep the right to grow, that medicinal or legalization issues need to be addressed, Federally, even in Washington State.

    Being in the activist community, over the years, I have come to believe; talking directly to your own (and as many as possible) elected representatives, gets the dialogue started. Even locally, with city/town councils.

    I moved last year, first thing I did was go meet my local representatives and ask them directly, what their position on mmj is. I am in a legal medical state (CA) and access is limited. All dispensaries and collectives near me, have been closed. And my representative's attitude is: 'People are Getting their medicine.'

    It would seem; Our Federal Government will intervene, before more States take a stand for 'legalization.' As, with strict medicinal use, would continue to give the 'Feds' a toehold and a job:rambohead:. It is much easier to find and bust someone for pot, than other drugs...because of the smell. Many of the disp./collectives here were closed by the Feds contacting property owners and threatening 'seizure of property':cursing: if they continued to receive 'donations' for mmj.
    There may be a group in your state, already. Contact each group and start there! We need as many people that are able, to push the legislation through. :stoned: pr
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  3. slitherly

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    Living in "My God It's Kansas" I understand exactly what you are talking about. I think the only way to get the laws changed is to inform the public of the benifits of legalizing marijuana, as most politicians have no original thoughts or backbones. For instance, the Southern Baptists still think cannabis is a gateway drug. But research shows that it actually can help people quit more harmful addicting substances such as opiates and tobbaco.
    Right now, the federal government is going through this "sequester". They don't want any more tax, nor do they want to cut spending. How about a new revenue stream. Legalize and tax Marijuana! And put every penny of the tax in Medicare and Medicade. This would alleviate the money issues for both the states and the Fed.....Whoops! fell off my soap
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  4. growhand420

    growhand420 Registered+

    thanks paintreat you are a great help for mmj community
    and the more the maryer the
    sinse i am growing my last crop before going to get my bachelers degree
    i will wait until harvest to join norml!!!
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  5. painretreat

    painretreat Registered+

    Federal Measures Introduced to Legalize Marijuana and Regulate Its Sales (petition~link). Submitting this petition, is activism.:jointsmile:
    The more dialogue with our elected legislators, the sooner this will be, at the very least, legalized Federal Medicinal Use. With CO & WA, a few more states, I would expect the Feds to, at the very least, will allow Medicinal Use, in the Federal Eyes. Legalization, might be a bit of a stretch, at this point.

    Districts that voted for legalization, here in CA, voted against having 'Access' in their districts.

    Who knows, as slitherly points out: This nation is drowning in debt and a new frontier of Industrial Legalization of MMJ, would help. And put a few more workers, back in the work force.

    On the Federal Level, Right Now, this is what is going on: Please sign and submit your desires to your representative: It doesn't get any easier than submitting your name and information. It will generate a 'confirmation': Click on this link~
    Federal Measures Introduced to Legalize Marijuana and Regulate Its Sales

    I am not sure what the number count is, but we really need plenty of people to submit.
    I know, your apprehensive to send. I use to be. Just 'old school' thinking. We private patients and caregivers, need to step up and be counted.

    I love this link: This guy is a Republican Representative, Blumenauer~he should be the next Pope! You may have to copy and paste this in your bing/google..
    :thumbsup:Blumenauer Calls for Rethinking Federal Marijuana Policy - YouTube


    The text of the PDF warrants a copy and give to your local legislators.

    Whatever anyone can do to contribute, please do? :Rasta: pr
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  6. MJ4204Ever

    MJ4204Ever Registered+

    Good Share man. keep it coming
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  7. growhand420

    growhand420 Registered+

    thanks again paintreat this thread should help get the word out !!!
    but dont the feds want full control on the indestry wich would cost tax payers a pretty penny
    and i watch this a vid yesterday that explained that without debt there can be no money in cerculation
    so this would be a good reason why the government isnt putting a rush on this
    haha they say more research but we have enough to change the chemical composition of the plants thc ratios to make a strain that contains no thc just cbd
    and know there saying that its because of the kids so i can see why it wouldnt be a great idea for complete legalization (for know)
    but after its medical for a decade so kids dont rush and start habits (like tabbaco)
    and i know i cant realy compair it to tabacco sinse it isnt adictive to all but it is slightly addictive
    so this is really the only kink to work out for complete legalization
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  8. Tulip Lee

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    I have experience working in harm reduction drug treatment, and I can at least confirm from my own experience how useful cannabis is in stepping a person down from more harmful substances, whether by entirely substituting it, using it with something else to use less of the "something else", or mixing up their use to put some distance between uses of a more harmful substance. Sure they're still using drugs, but the associated criminality, risk of death or harm, and general obnoxiousness is much lessened.

    I'm also in a state that can't seem to fund their social service and health programs despite it actually saving taxpayers money in both the short and long term. They're more than happy to increase gambling to half-assed increase revenue, but aghast at the idea of someone smoking some reefer somewhere.
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  9. stillsmoken2

    stillsmoken2 Banned

    remember me and my post I have an idea I will share later I will need a lot of people on my side .
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  10. stillsmoken2

    stillsmoken2 Banned

    Remember me. when I get to Colorado I start . I have a plan and am going to need you and a lot more like you .
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  11. growhand420

    growhand420 Registered+

    whats your idea million stoner march well it would more like a walk lol but still let us here your plan and I will see what I can do because I have a few connections down there.
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  12. firstaid

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    Me too and I get nervous because I work in the health field and know MANY patients who use green medicine to help pain stress anxiety but dont tell people. I would love to help get the state of NC on track. I have had patients who complain about this problem with getting this green medicine legal.
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  13. I hear everyone's pain. I too have been doing tremendous research on this subject state to state and seeing some pretty interesting results.

    So my questions are these and I would love to hear as many different sides of it as possible.

    1. how are we educating our medical communities effectively? The medical communities are often the most ignorant of the benefits of cannibis due to years of brain washing. There are many that aren't against it - but are scared to be public about it. What are some ways to get in front of the medical doctors and have them start accepting it, working with it and then actually finding out just how far this plant can take us- because I gaurantee you we haven't seen the best this plant has to offer healthwise yet!

    2. what can we do about the faction of this current underground industry that does not want legalization? You know those politicians and huge producers who have a lot to lose on the legalization? Where I am from the very largest growers - not from around these here parts, seem to have the entire county sherrif's office support - or blind eye...and these people are not nice.... I usually have a lot of rebel in me- seeing them put a lot of fear in me.

    3.What are some ways to reach out to people in the communty - patients and growers to start 'co-ops', encouraging people to know where thier weed comes from - caring about how it is grown, what chemicals are being used, thinking of it the same as they do food - how do we know it is 'clean'? In my experience, in a state run by the bible belters - yes they are thumpers too, it is very risky to speak out. Not only is this against the law and they can keep you for extended stays in the nice little hotel down the road - but in some counties through out the south especially...we are looking at not knowing who is the one to watch out for if you know what I mean.

    Any and all conversation on this is wanted- I would love to start something here - but I ran up on that big growers field about a year ago by accident - in the winter, no plants and still limped away with a devastating injury from thier booby trap. And have since found out that there are as many arms as plants being moved.....this makes activism seem very unreal. Please advise....
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  14. tlranger

    tlranger Registered+

    I too hear what you say, it's keeping me alive, but to talk about it out loud would be a death sentence.

    Did run into an option that is making me think. Was at a talent show in my area(grandson 13, plays grateful dead stuff really good). Local tv guy wants to make his name, by doing a reality weed show. He claims anonymity, but I question if those masked guys, garner much support. But someone told him of my survivors club and he thinks that's an angle.
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  15. catbuds

    catbuds Banned

    Unfortunately, the armed guards & booby traps is still what comes to mind for many when they think about growers, ESPECIALLY in the minds of bible thumpers. 'Oh my! We're all going to hell & we're taking the children with us'!!!! Hummmm... narrow mindedness, brains in a vacuum, tiny little minds with little shrunken brain cells. Now how do we deal with that shit? Just asking.....or ranting, which ever
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  16. iriestylee625

    iriestylee625 Registered

    I really think legalization on a larger scale will happen in the next few years. It's all about money and when these "powers that be" see how much is out there to be made on bud and that the sky doesn't fall when Colorado and Washington start selling it legally, they're gonna jump on board. At least I pray that's what happens lol
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  17. catbuds

    catbuds Banned

    I think they've been seeing the possibilities for a while, but since they've just proven how childish they are its more a thing of pride for them (gov). They would have to admit they were wrong, & we know that would take maturity :( But for now, the wheels of progress are turning, & soon they will have to give in to the will of the people or loose their positions. Now we know they're too self centered to let that happen, so yeah, I think you're right. Just a few more years. So how many more times do we get to watch grown men have temper tantrums in front of the whole country before prohibition comes to an end? Sorry. I just can't get past the behaviour that led to the whole gov shutting down. I could go on, but then I'd just be ranting.
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  18. I think part of the problem with prohibition and the drug war is that there are certain factions of the US Goverment that proffit off of the way things are today.
    When Co. and Washington started to legalize and actually win the drug war by legalizing and taking away the commodity value of cannibis to the black market- they just moved somewhere where it isn't legal yet( here).
    Look at the amount of money spent on the drug war, that money HAS GOT to go somewhere. There are now drug lord king pins in court who are saying that the entire blackmarket industry is orchestrated by our own goverment. I saw a video that showed where opium was being shipped in from vietnam and Afghanastan in coffins od dead US soldiers and that the Goverment knows about this.
    Soooo today there are 2 states, 2 full countries and the UN has a plan to stop the international drug war by 2016 by legalizing most drugs on the international level. All of these are ways to STOP the drug war by taking the commodity value away from cannibis. As American Politicians continue to piss of the world we see a trend to end the drug wars- the issue there is that our economy depends much more o the illegal drug trade than on other commodities ( I believe) and we may see some back lash there.
    My opinion- I could also rant for hours- I am not nessasarily into conspirosy and plots- but hey, follow the dollar, who is proffiting from this?
    Our country has the lowest percentage of population in the world, yet we have the highest prison rate- you tell me....
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  19. Oh yeah..... God loves my typos- he thinks they add character to my writing.... ;)
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  20. @ CAtubuds- on the biblebelters- oh shit - run,run,run....I think I see a not as common here as having a good drunk on saturday night with your fellow baptist neighbor only to be condemned the next day as the vile that caused them to sin the nite before on Sunday....
    The bible belters are still strong, however in certain areas we are seeing less 'locals' - like Nashville, Atlanta, Ashville, Baton Rouge, Huntsville and other larger metropolitatn areas due to influx of people brought from other areas for jobs. Those individuals are bringing thier values with em! Unfortunately ( some believe) the largest influx has been arabs - and yes, they are also slinging thier values - they could care less about cannibis- just don't show your hair or drink alcohol... ;)
    I also happened to 'bump' into a young mexican man getting gas last week with duct tape on his shoes and an arabic tattoo on his neck......yes the man spoke spanish- not arab...
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