How to Become a Medical Marijuana Distributor

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    on ehow. hilarious!

    How to Become a Medical Marijuana Distributor |

    Preliminary Steps
    1 Assemble the necessary financial capital to launch the dispensary and develop a detailed business plan addressing all aspects of the venture. According to the Law Offices of Jacek W. Lentz, one of the key decisions at the outset will be whether the business model will center around a pharmacy-style dispensary devoted exclusively to the sale of medical marijuana, or if it will take the form of a growers' collective or a full-service collective offering additional services to member patients.


    in case you were wondering, they have the instructions! ;)
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    They left off:

    Keep a lawyer on retainer

    Have 10k on hand at all times for bail money
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    you should give being BoCoMMJ a shot ;)

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